Physical Touch

You’d think for an erotic novel, I’d have characters who rank Physical Touch top of their 5 Love Languages list, but as already shown (Quality Time) that’s not the case with Eric, Elena, and Jess. But Physical Touch IS important to all of them. Experience has taught them words can lie, but touch doesn’t.

Especially for Jess. She immediately notices Elena’s touch in their very first encounter.

Elena’s fingers drifted across the bar top. Tingles erupted up Jess’s arm on contact and flowed into her chest. Stifling a moan, Jess rolled her bottom lip between her teeth. “Perhaps I might still have a chance?” Elena said, her gaze staying on Jess. “Making out is hot, but sometimes I do love to fuck.” The last word was so bare, spoken huskily. Seductive.
More tingles—Elena’s fingers still stroked Jess’s—flooded into Jess’s groin. She shifted and dislodged Elena’s touch.

We Three, Chapter 1

Jess also loves Eric’s hugs which make her feel secure. Her sexual desires are also very physical. She wants firm touches and possessive grasps, loves having their hands tangled in her hair, or being fully possessed in penetration.

Elena loves the solidity of bodies pressing against her. She is tactile and physical in making connection and needs it back in turn. Eric loves feeling needed physically, not compliments on his body, but having people who want to touch him, cuddle, snuggle, sleep close with some part of their body against his.

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