Acts of Service

The final love language, Acts of Service, is a minefield for Eric, Elena and Jess. These three are super-independent and while it’s nice to help a person out, they each have influences in their past where “doing something for you” has translated to a critique, a silent “I’m doing this because you’ll mess it up.” So it’s an area they’re all working on.

Eric and Elena work together on the basement refurbishment into a playroom. It’s not an Act of Service so much as it is uniting to achieve the same goal. They divided up the house chores long ago without question and generally do whatever simply because it needs done, not because it is helping the other not have to do it.

It is a definite Act of Service when Jess helps Eric move photography equipment around the playroom. She makes clear that it’s help to save him time and hassle and maybe get some quality time (or sex) after he’s finished. LOL He’s good with that.

But as much as Jess will do Acts of Service for others, she’s almost impossible to do one for. A lesser loving person might just give up what with how hard she pushes back. But Elena and Eric do love her and keep trying.

So that’s the last of July’s posts. All this month has been related to ways of showing love without “I love you.” What topics related to #amwritingromance, #writing in general, or #LGBTQ do you think I should tackle for August? Do you want to see more excerpts, or… Well let me know in the comments.

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