Britt 2

More development today for Britt. A reminder, this is what she looks like to me. Now to come up with a full backstory that includes her full name.

Okay, so let’s say Britt’s born in 1975, she’s 45 now. She graduated from a small town high school in 1993. So she’s a fan of popular music from the 90’s. After high school she got into cosmetology, cutting hair, doing manicures, pedicures and skin care. By 2000 though she went for airline training, hoping to see more of the world than her little corner of it. She was a quick learner and moved up to crew lead by the time she was 30 and the airlines recovered from the chill of September 11.

But that small town never really left her. She’s a Midwesterner through and through. the name “Britt” seems to have Swedish roots, so I’ll make her come from several generations of Swedish Americans who migrated to the United States, hardy plainspoken folk. Also I like the sound of Harald as her birth surname. So… Britt Harald, welcome to my story universe.

Physical Appearance

I don’t see Britt as super slender. But I like that she might be 5’7″ or 5’8″ and not short. She’s blonde, naturally not bleached, and it’s “dirty blonde” which looks more brown when wet. Even with a background in cosmetology, she’s not into brassy colors in her nails or make up for every day. She does like to dress up for parties though and will go in bold colors like reds or purples for her dresses, nails and makeup, coordinating everything.

She wears her hair in a shoulder-length flipped under curl, styling with a bottle brush and blow dry. A bit of hair spray and she pins her flight cap into her hair and she’s ready to go to work.


Generally unflappable, Britt is organized and no-nonsense on the job. Away from the plane however, she will be adventurous and daring. She likes exploring the layover cities as much as attending the layover parties. She enjoys shopping duty free and has many kitschy items from all over the world in her apartment.

She’s a solid Virgo, born August 29. Strengths: loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical. Weaknesses: can fall into worry, or being overly critical of self and others. Her MBTI is ESTJ-A. She has great fortitude, following her own sensible judgment. She serves as a stabilizing force among others, and offers direction in problem-solving.

Sexual Interests

Already mentioned Britt is bisexual, maybe even pansexual, and she is an explorer. The executive in her needs to establish order, so she is clear about her wants and clarifies what her partners want without qualm. She’s more emotionally attachable to men than women, but enjoys what she sees as extended foreplay available in F/F sex.

Since she was/will be a partner of Eric and Elena, a little discussion of what she enjoyed about sex with either/both is in order. With Eric, she enjoys that he is never in a rush. His energy can flow between horny to satisfied, work up a slow build, and dominate a rocking fuck all in the same night. That he’s not a “kid” between the ears is a major bonus. Together they monitor the parties, having a good sexy time, but still checking that everyone is having a safe, consensual time.

With Elena, Britt finds herself receiving a lot of attention and not giving so much. Elena states exactly what she wants when she wants it. Also, Elena loves eating out and she’s quite talented at it, so that’s fun for Britt.

Britt has given and received oral sex, given and received anal sex, used most toys, and been part of daisy chains, threesomes and “more” somes. She’s dominated men, including pegging and restraint, always and only by request.

Story ideas. I’ll work on plot ideas for Britt’s story (more likely stories, plural) in The Mile High Club in my next post.

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