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The last couple days, while I haven’t been blogging, I have been writing. I’ve added another 10,000 words to We Fit, the sequel to We Three, now over 50k. The scenes have all been intimacy, everything from kissing to sex.

In a bid to show how deep the love has become between the characters, I’ve strived to make the intimacy more romantic than carnal. While the sex continues to be explicit, the acts are described with more romantic tones. There are also more pauses in the sexual activity, not because the trio are tired, but because each is savoring the physical connections on a emotional level they find wonderous and new.

The pauses also give me a chance to switch point of view between the characters. In We Three, each sexual encounter stays in one character’s point of view for the entire session. In this way I controlled the slow build of the realization that each was in love with the other. In We Fit, I’m taking brief sexual “intermissions” and giving each character the opportunity to have the same encounter from their point of view, to display how much different and deeper they feel than previous sex. It allows them to show their feelings to their partner (and the reader) in a way that makes the sex even more communicative of love.

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In a nutshell, the sex has become more “making love” than “having sex.” If I can carry off that distinction, I feel I will have succeeded in conveying the main message of We Fit.

Here’s an example of what I’m doing. This first scene, from We Three, is oral sex between Elena and Jess. (it’s Elena’s POV, if you can’t tell)

Elena’s moans vibrated against Jess’s clit. Jess was pushed over another edge, and Elena felt the dam slip when it was coated in Jess’s fluids. She pressed it more firmly against the woman’s heated flesh with her fingers and continued licking Jess through another writhing peak, and then another. Finally, Jess’s fingers were nudging, not clutching, and Elena let up. She rested her chin on the top of Jess’s mound, meeting glazed green eyes.

The second scene from We Fit is also oral sex between the two. Can you feel how Elena love is deeper?

With her lips she blazed a moist trail of kisses down Jess’s chest and belly until her nose and tongue burrowed between Jess’s labia and delved into her pussy. The blonde’s jolted “Oh! Mmm,” fluttered into the quiet of the room.

The subtle flavors of the blonde’s fluids soon coated Elena’s chin and cheeks as she elicited more sounds from the blonde’s throat. Moans and bucking hips became “God!” and breathy demands of “Fuck me. Please.”

Elena kissed Jess’s inner thighs, then shifted her attentions from tongue only, to tongue and fingers, curling two then three inside the woman’s pussy and eagerly pressing toward and finding her G spot. New moisture filled Jess’s channel as she came with a gasp and cried out Elena’s name. Elena’s fingers became coated and the liquid dripped into her palm.

She licked and sucked Jess’s labia and clit as the blonde came down from her orgasm.

One arm on Elena’s back and the other flung across her eyes, Jess moaned, “My legs are jelly.”

It was easy to agree because Elena felt her body shaking. She grinned proudly. “You asked, I delivered.”

Bit of a difference, huh? Share your thoughts in the comments.

3 thoughts on “We Fit progress

  1. Good catch! There’s an urgency in the first that’s more about “getting it on” lust. There’s actually some banter I left out because there’s a third person in the room in the first scene too. Interestingly, in the second one they only have about a half hour together whereas in the first they basically had several hours available. 👍🏼


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