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There’s a common saying that there are no original stories anymore. There’s books about it “20 Master Plots (and how to write them)” and websites ( where you can find millions of “reused” and reusable ideas.

I’ve even been to these sites to get ideas for what to write when I’m in need of a prompt or a different angle on something I’m struggling with.

The key though is to use these as guides. You may have started with a trope-laden idea = bad boy meets good girl crossed with “forced marriage/fake dating.” But you need to be as original with the execution of the plot as possible to stand out in a saturated market.

The best way to stand out is with original characterizations. You might have a “bad boy” by if you make him a her, or make the backstory of why/how he’s “bad” something that really makes him good (turning him into an anti-hero), you’ve elevated above the trope and made something more original.

If you’re writing a modern story with the trope that someone is forced into marriage or engagement in order to inherit or get something, you should have the characters point out the medieval-ness of the demand and make the conflict realistic. Write their voices like your characters are contemporary adults not 12 years old living out a naive fantasy.

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I think readers deserve our original stories, not all copies of the same one. This is why one of my first writing guidelines when I have an idea is to check what’s already out there. Has the story I’m considering been done before? I analyze the plot for it. What are its inherent tropes? What are the expectations of each trope? How can I twist them, change them around, and make them something original that reflects me not a million other writers?

So, yep, I’ve got lots of ideas in my brain, but only a handful have ever come out, because I haven’t yet found that way that will make the story an original extension of me.

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