Another Monday

“…and Monday morning it is.” – Andrew Shepherd, The American President (1995) film written by Aaron Sorkin.

This past week has been busy in home, work, and family life. I made some adjustments to my online presence to offer a more “got it together” image. I officially registered the domain “” for this website. I’ll be revising the layout, too, and streamlining access to archived posts.

I also made the subscribe link more prominent. (I’m so excited to see over 1,200 followers here, by the way. My Twitter numbers are close to this, too.)

cover for We Three book; three pairs of feet under bedcovers with a window above
We Three book cover

I’ve been writing steadily on We Fit, now safely over 50k words on its way to about 75k, which makes it comparable to the first in the series, We Three, which totaled over 74k.

Because that project is nearly finished, I’ve been shaping up notes for my next projects. Most will likely be novellas so that I can also have time to work on my graduate school course (just finished week 3). I have put off the full-time job hunt for the moment because of family issues. Being able to jump up and go without answering to an employer is actually keeping the situation from becoming stressful.

I have a new laptop which I can take everywhere so no matter where I’ve got to be I’m still available to work with authors and edit books. I will do a sample edit up to 1,500 words for free. My copy editing rate is $3 per 1000 words. I also have a new editorial consulting service via Zoom. One hour live coaching you in ways to improve your storytelling using a specific piece of your writing.

I work with all levels of writers and all genres of fiction, though I have a preference for romance plots and/or LGBTQ content. I also negotiate payment plans. Contact me today.

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