I’m setting an agenda for the week. I’d like to get We Fit’s first draft done soon, so top of the list is this WIP, 2-3 hours every day. I also have grad assignments to do, reading and responses, the start of research for the next project.

I’m determined to put effort into improving my health, so I’ll make a salad I can eat off of all week for lunches and store some already-mixed protein shakes for breakfast. I’m in desperate need to regulate my cortisol and reduce stress to help with that weight loss, so I’ll schedule an outing every day that gets me moving. I have to mow my lawn; that’ll be exercise. I also have to clear out a couple rooms of just useless stuff.

In next Monday’s post I’ll share how much of the above I got done.

One last note: I also need to not just save a few dollars, but make some. So, if you know anyone looking for an editor, please send them to my editing services page for all the information.

Time is money and I’m out to make sure I’m spending mine wisely.

What are your goals this week?

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