BL and CH interviews

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I’m posting this for Throwback Thursday. I was going through my files on my semi-regular “what to write?” browse and came across this set of character interviews I did 12 years ago with the help of some readers when my first novel Turning Point was released.

Character interviewing is a great way to unlock character development if you’re trying to create a new character. It is also a great marketing tool with readers. I haven’t seen any of these accounts lately, but it used to be a thing when social media was new to create Twitter feeds for one or more of your characters and type out dialogues between them about story (or current) events. You could also field questions from readers as the character and get interactive with your audience.

This is just a taste, and it’s even really set after the books. For now, here’s a couple “science fiction convention” interviews with them.

  1. Brenna
  2. Cassidy

I hope you enjoy. Click the link to jump to each interview. , but if you like these, maybe you’ll enjoy the full journey of Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland falling in love. The books are titled Turning Point and Turn for Home.

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