Editing Spotlight

As an editor, I have been privileged to enjoy the work of all the authors I have worked with over the years. Two recent clients have brought their books online for sale and I’m going to promo them here. Click on the images to go to a link for the book I edited.

The Pride Trilogy by TJ Dallas is contemporary sapphic (lesbian; LGBTQ) erotica woven around a mythos personifying the Seven Sins and is set in Scotland. It’s steamy with well-drawn characters and a compelling plot focused on the female personification of Pride, Harriet (aka “Harry”) the hedonistic sexy butch-type leader of the Sins. I edited both the final book of the trilogy Pride’s Humility and the author’s forthcoming collection of erotic shorts.

One Night by Charlotte Black is a collection of contemporary erotic short stories featuring different M/F (and MFM) characters coming together for one steamy night of uninhibited sex. Tropes with twists abound in these sex-filled stories. In a few short pages characters come to pulse-pounding life.

I’m always aiming to help my clients put out the best written work possible, and I love to see them successfully launch. Congratulations to both of you!

~ Lara

PS – info about my editing services is here

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