Make a new beginning

I spent 2020 like many of you, trying to figure out how to move forward within a new world. One of my 2021 resolutions is more writing and more accountability. So I have committed to a year-long writing goal: 12 complete short stories.


As the screencap shows, I have over 1,000 followers. If you follow, I can believe you enjoy reading about…

  1. lesbian and/or bi women
  2. who are fully formed people
  3. with families, friends,
  4. with hopes, dreams, troubles, and worries,
  5. who are falling in love or navigating relationships
  6. and who enjoy having sex.

I hope you’ll support me. Seriously. If only 10% of you do, that would be amazing.

Starting January 11 I will release one short story (8-12k) in both text and audio format exclusively on Patreon each month. The story’s text will be released on the 11th of each month and the audio will be posted on the 22nd of each month.


For a couple dollars a month, you get the story text emailed directly to you as a PDF (an epub download link will be available). This story will be available nowhere else for at least six months.

For a couple more dollars each month, you can also get audio of me reading the story aloud. Note: Those files are significantly bigger, so there’ll be a download link.

There are more tiers and more perks. I will consider more suggestions from patrons for perks as the year goes along.

In these first few months, all posts leading up to the release date with sneak peeks are going to be set to “public” view, so if you’re not sure about patronage at least follow my page. When something piques your interest, you can always become a patron later.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of 12 stories in 12 months at Readings in Les and Bi Women’s Erotic Fiction.

More to come…

My own writing in the last quarter of 2020 ramped up even while I was editing several other authors. I am within sight of the finish line for the draft of We Fit, the sequel to my 2019 novel We Three. Once it’s finished, I’ll need of beta readers. Then I’ll clean it up one more time and submit it to my publisher. There are already a number of sneak peeks on this blog. Search the tag: We Fit.

I am also creating an archive here of my old BlogTalkRadio show ReadingsLAB, Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction, which I originally produced from 2007 through 2011. (you may recognize the modified logo for my Patreon is based on this one) The episodes (which were ~1 hour long) will be searchable by author and/or topic.

I’m hoping it will revive interest/sales for some older lesfic authors and titles, since I’ll include links for the author’s webpage (if they have one) and where you can find the book today. Note: many of the books’ first editions have gone on to second editions or even third editions with new publishers because their first publisher folded.

If there’s interest, I can contact authors and do a “where are they now?” interview to share, too.

Cheers! A toast! Here’s hoping 2021 is a productive year for everyone!


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