Patreon sneak peek

My patreon, a goal of 12 short stories in 12 months, launched recently. The first story is already written and will be available in PDF, epub, AND AUDIO.

All the stories will be originals and follow the same genre as my other fiction: women-loving women having adventures and falling in love. I’ll be experimenting a little. Right now, if you know my work, most of it is contemporary. I’ll be trying out historical, fantasy, even paranormal, here.

To tempt you, here’s a page from the epub (screenshot) of “Bump in the Night,” a contemporary romance with paranormal mystery elements. It’s scheduled to be released to all patrons on January 11.

This is a screenshot of the epub file of “Bump in the Night” using my own personal ebook app, IceCream.

Here’s a one-minute audio excerpt. The complete audio file will be released January 12 to upper tier patrons.

audio excerpt that matches the text excerpt (above) of “Bump in the Night.”

Yep, that’s me reading. To get the full experience when the stories are released, I hope you’ll become a patron today!

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