Patreon launch

A quick update as I dive into the edits I’m working on today.

This week saw the release of “Bump in the Night,” the first story of my “12 sapphic stories in 12 months” project on Patreon. Text and audio are available to patrons.

New members will have access to previous stories available at their support level, so you can join today and still get the January story.

Looking ahead…

I decided to shake things up in the planning a bit. I’m going to work a little longer on the second chance romance to get it just right.

The February story is now scheduled to be “The End of the Beginning,” a revisit to my characters Brenna and Cassidy from Turning Point will be released on February 11, and the audio shortly after. The March story will be another story from Bren and Cass’s lives: “Becoming Family.” Both stories are set in 2001, just after the end of Turn for Home.

Same as with “Bump in the Night,” both audio and text versions will be released.

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