Happy book birthday, We Three!

In honor of We Three turning 2 years old, my publisher has made a price change across all platforms and formats. Visit Supposed Crimes for full details.

Today marks two years since the release of We Three: One and One and One Makes Three. On this blog, I shared a lot of this story’s journey as it was being written.

Back in 2020, pre-pandemic, I had a goal of being able to share today that the sequel would be coming out around this time. As with many things for many people, the pandemic changed my timeline and for a bit it even killed my writing mojo.

However, I can share now that We Fit is past the 70k mark. I have one more subplot to finish writing and then I’ll be editing. Fingers crossed I can finish the draft this month.

Beta readers wanted

If you are interested in being a beta reader, drop me an email. You do have to have read We Three first as there’s continuity stuff to check. Beta readers get an acknowledgement in my author notes along with my editor(s) and publisher.

There are F/F, M/F, and FFM dates/sex scenes explicitly described throughout, also, one FFFM scene. Expect a deepening discussion of polyamory and domestic scenes, too. True to the romance genre convention, We Fit has an HEA/HFN.

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