Friday roundup, new reviews

I am not one of those authors who has an automatic alert set up for reviews of their books. I am of the basic opinion that reviews are reader-to-reader communications. Yes, writers can take heart from a good review and occasionally there can be a lesson from a bad review (if many reviews report the same issue). However, there are two facts here: (1) a review is someone’s personal taste and (2) not every book is going to be a good fit for every reader. Some reader might pick up your book, thinking it’s one thing, find out it’s something else, and Not Be Pleased. Others will review that they were “pleasantly surprised.”

Anyway, I occasionally wander the ‘net and find some reviews of my book months after they’ve been posted. This morning was one of those wanders. I found a January 2021 review from a site that (mostly) reviews MM romance books. My story is a romance with FFM threesome with an emphasis on the FF relationship. The swinging/polyamory aspect was a new subgenre for me. So I admit I was a bit anxious before I clicked the link.

Then I read it. And found it was the report of a pleased reader. I’ve posted an excerpt but you can click here to read the entire review.

There was also a new review posted on Feb 17, 2021 on Amazon:

Note to Marisol, and everyone else interested, there is a sequel just a few pages from being fully drafted. I’ll have more information soon, I hope.

Then there’s They created a page about me with my books, giving We Three a 5-star rating, and the first editions (2007) Turning Point and (2010) Turn for Home each 4-star ratings.

A couple more reviews have been posted to the We Three page at NetGalley.

Also, apparently, you can now buy a copy from

Though, if you want a print copy of one of my books, why not get an autographed one with a personal message direct from me? Any of my books is just $10. That includes shipping by book rate anywhere in the U.S. If you’re outside the U.S. we can figure out something. Message me to arrange it.

It’s Friday as I’m writing this and I am glad to see the end of this week. It’s been hectic because I’m still digging out from falling behind while I was sick with COVID. But I’m getting there. And the weather here is lovely. Spring is definitely just a couple weeks away.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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