Happy release day!

Yesterday and today I released the text and audio of a new short story. I hope you’ll want to check it out.

The text of the story was posted yesterday for all patrons on Patreon. Tier 2+ patrons also audio: me reading the story.

Because it contains an explicit sex scene, “Becoming Family” is for readers 18+. This story is the second following my novels Turning Point and Turn for Home. The first follow up story was February’s story “The End of the Beginning.”

Note: if you subscribe to become a patron today, you get access to everything back to the beginning of this project, which started in January 2021. What that means: $2 for three stories (20k+ words) and $5 for 3 audiobooks (collectively ~60 minutes). My Patreon stories are exclusive to patrons and have not appeared anywhere else.

I’m already hard at work writing the April story. New characters this time. Anyway, check it out.

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