April thoughts

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Though March 20 was the actual equinox, many people consider April really the first Spring month (Yes, I’m talking northern hemisphere here, folks. I’m in Florida. We’ve had summer-like weather for two weeks now. LOL)

According to holidayinsights.com April 2021 is designated as:

  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Lawn and Garden Month
  • National Kite Month

It’s not surprising that many people get outside and go heavy into nature. One of my friends has already been camping and hiking. I’ve been to several beaches around my state (including our nude beaches). After being cooped up during a normal winter, most people like to find outdoors things to do. In my area we often have outdoor art festivals, food festivals, and music festivals. The Plant City Strawberry Festival actually went off as an in-person event this year, unlike last year.

This year it is particularly noticeable. After a year of being cooped up from COVID the outdoorsy needs of everyone is sky-high. Though the vaccine is making it possible for more and more people to gather, do please remember it’s not over yet. So be careful out there, okay?

For the LGBTQIA+ community, April has a couple notable dates:

  • April 26 – Lesbian Visibility Day
  • April 27 – Day of Silence

The Rainbow Book Fair which normally happens in New York City near the end of April is still up in the air at this time. They didn’t gather in 2020, but had planned for 2021. I can’t find any info about them doing a program this year, in person or online. Last month, ReadOUT, a festival of lesbian literature normally held in person in Florida, was held entirely online last month and was excellent.

Celebrations related to writing happening this month are:

  • National Library Week (1st week)
  • National Poetry Month
  • Camp NaNoWriMo also happens this month

I don’t write poetry, so I’ll have my characters visit a library when I’m writing this month.

Happy April, everyone!

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