Golden Crown Literary Society

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) has announced their list of 2021 finalists for the Goldie Book Awards.

Since I saved this link, the organization has also announced its full conference plans.

Full disclosure: I am not currently a member of GCLS, but have been in the past. My non-membership was a financial decision. I fully support the organization’s mission: to increase the visibility and integrity of women loving women literature.

Because of the 2020 pandemic a lot of the 2020 GCLS conference was posted online.

The GCLS is serious about their focus on the stories. In the beginning they were focused on lesbian-written books that were not getting a wide-scale attention from Lambda Literary, which had nearly every genre category for delineating gay male fiction, but comparatively meager lesbian categories (fiction, poetry, and non-fiction). That has since been righted as LL broadened its categories (along with a full range of lesbian categories, it includes bisexual and trans categories also). But it heartens me to see the phrase “women loving women” in their mission because this assures inclusion of trans and bisexual voices both as authors and as the central characters and subjects of stories.

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