GCLS 2021

Golden Crown Literary Society, goldencrown.org, held their 2021 awards (“The Goldies”) virtually yesterday.

The GCLS mission is “to increase the visibility and quality of literature that embraces and celebrates women loving women (WLW).”

Review GCLS’s Twitter feed for the winners. These are books that were published in 2020. I have a few comments below about ones that I have read.

First off, one book that won a couple awards. I had read and been blown away by Nottingham: The True Story of Robyn Hood by Anna Burke. This book won an award in Romantic Blend and also the Tee Corrinne award for the cover. The story is where this book shines most. It was so perfectly steeped in historical England and did a spectacular reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legends with sparkling and captivating characterizations, it was a real joy to read. To read it for yourself, check it out from the publisher here.

In Contemporary Romance: Short Novel the award went to three books. Of these, I most enjoyed Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the trope-y fall-in-love with the best friend story. This isn’t quite that, but it’s close. Jordan is a professional bridesmaid. However, this role so often is the bride’s best friend, can a friendship be far behind just from the situations? If you’d like to check out the story, find it here.

For Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novel the award went to four different books. I really, however, enjoyed The Duchess and the Dreamer by Jenny Frame. Frame is excellent at character building. Her FMCs are sharply drawn and drawn together by sizzling hot chemistry. To check out this book yourself, visit the publisher here.

In Science Fiction/Fantasy the award went to Eye of the Damned by Sandra Barrett and Silver Ravens by Jane Fletcher. I really enjoyed Silver Ravens. Her world-building skill is akin to Mercedes Lackey or Anne McCaffrey. She really understands everything about how her worlds work and it shows in so many nuanced moments that wouldn’t work if they took place on just some variant of Earth. It’s really a special talent. To check out this book yourself, visit the publisher here.

On personal reflection, I’m clearly “out of step” with the awards, since most of the books I liked this past year weren’t selected, but that’s what makes the world go ’round, I think. We all have different tastes in reading. So authors, do not fret. There are readers out there for every book.

What lesbian or women-loving women (WLW) book did you read this past year and really enjoy? Share in the comments.

One thought on “GCLS 2021

  1. As a reviewer for a couple of different publishers, I think I’d read about 60% of the books that made the Finalist list, and most of the Goldie winners. So much talent on both lists!


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