September Patreon peek

My September Patreon story is mostly finished. It has a working title “Taking Soule Responsibility” and cover art. Keep reading to read the story’s first page.

Cover art for short story "Taking Soule Responsibility" with title at top, series note "a Book's Pass story" below, and author's name Lara Zielinsky at the bottom. Centered is a sepia toned photo of an old western town main street with men on horseback and others on foot, and wagons, all moving between wooden buildings with various business names above their doors.

Taking Soule Responsibility

(page 1)

Emmeline checked her appearance in the reflecting glass atop the chest of drawers in the corner of the large bedroom. Sunlight from the July afternoon streamed in the window behind her, frustratingly backlighting her features so she couldn’t tell if her eyes were actually as bloodshot as they felt.

She turned slightly trying to get the light onto her face.

“Muy hermosa, mi amore. Come back to bed.”

Turning to face the bed, Emmeline smiled at the sleep-tousled dark-haired and brown-skinned woman laying back among the stark white sheets and pillows. “I can’t. I slept too late already.” She sighed as her lover stretched her arms over her head, bringing her thick nut-brown nipples into view. Reina knew how to tempt her.

Though licking her lips, Emmeline shook her head. “The circuit judge promised to start session promptly at noon.”

Finally with a nod of agreement, Reina sat up and reached for a wrap which she put around her figure before standing from the bed. Lifting her hair from beneath the collar with a flip of her hands, she said, “You really need a deputy.”

“We’re not big enough yet.”

“I can talk to the council,” Reina said as she looked down and searched for the wrap’s ties. “We don’t need the governor’s approval.”

Emmeline stepped forward and caught the ties as well as the woman’s hands between her palms. When the dark head came back up with a querulous expression, she leaned forward and caught full lips with her own, busying them in a lingering and tender kiss. She ended the kiss when she heard Reina moan roughly with need. She wanted to swear; she wanted to take this woman back to that bed. She wanted to make her moan like that until she was delirious.

Information on how to become a patron and read this whole story (plus eight others) can be found on Patreon.

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