Finding F/F Historical Romance

I’ve gotten hungry lately for historical romances, and I prefer ones that have F/F relationships centered, either a building romance, or an established one. So there Iam hunting for historical F/F romance… and Heather Rose Jones blogs about it.

Heather has a podcast, the Lesbian Historic Motif Project (LHMP) where she discusses lesbians in history and how to find/write about them. In an October 20, 2021 blog, she makes several suggestions to authors wanting to make sure their F/F historical romances can be found by readers. I haven’t written a full-length historical novel yet, just some short stories that can be found on my Patreon.

But I’m often a subtle writer, so I know that I’d have trouble making it clear that my ladies were romantically involved, not just gals-being-pals, unless I was to flat-out state it in the blurb. Heather has other ideas how you can do it. They’re good bits of advice.

I’ve become familiar with a cover illustrator Sarah Waites, who is the artist behind The Illustrated Page Book Design. She specializes in creating covers for historical and fantasy F/F, as well as some other LGBTQ (including non-binary and trans characters) characters. I know if I want a historical/fantasy F/F cover, I’m going to look through her site for either inspiration or a final cover, or both. She frequently has sales and participates in trend cover reveals.

If you’re looking to publish a F/F historical story, you can’t go wrong with Heather’s advice, or one of Sarah’s covers.

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