A sneak peek – Nov Patreon

Available for all readers, here is a sneak peek for November Patreon story Call Me By Name. The story returns to the the American colonies of the 1770s, on the high seas with Captain “Bloody Mary” Flint and Lady Anne Coleridge, who first were introduced in “The Queen’s Gift”, one of my free reads.

My patrons have already seen another story from this couple, Anne’s Birthday, back in August.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite.

In the flash of a second, Captain Mary Flint interposed her sword between the Lobsterback and the young blonde woman who had declined his attention. “The lady said ‘no’, sir!” She spat.

When the British regular fell back, raising his sword to strike again, Mary leaped forward. The tricorn hat, which had been hiding her hair, fell to the ground. The man’s blue eyes widened in recognition, but she could not stop now. She had thrown her body’s weight behind the blow with the pommel of her sword. The thick steel carapace which protected her knuckles smacked into the side of his face. Blood bubbled up as the skin over his cheek and beard tore. His eyes rolled and he crumpled to the cobblestones.

“Gods be damned,” she muttered under her breath. Crouching to see if he still breathed, she collected her hat and slammed it back down over her distinguishable red hair.

A hand grasped her shoulder but her body recognized Anne’s touch. She stood slowly as the young woman she protected spoke. “We must go.”

“I know. Damn it.” She shook her head, shedding the last of her racing heart. Quickly scuttling to the edge of the building wall, she looked up and down the dark Provincetown street. With the hour nearing midnight, no one was about, except the Lobsterbacks assigned to guard the colony’s harbor entrance.

“I thought we had all their schedules and routes!” Mary grumbled.

Anne untucked a sheaf of papers from her muff, looked them over and then rehid them. “At least our contact got away,” she said.

“True.” Mary handed Anne her sword. “Let’s drag him out of sight. That’ll at least give us a some time to move without arousing a search party.”

With a bracing inhale and then crouching to give herself leverage to move the larger man, Mary grasped his shoulders, while Anne crouched as best she could in her petticoats, and the two pushed and pulled him into the shadow of the dressmaker’s shop.

“If we hurry, we can still rendezvous with Kotay and unmoor the Rouge Rogue before moonrise,” Anne said. Seeing the dust and blood on Anne’s skirts and on her own arms and hands, Mary hoped they would not be intercepted.

“Let’s go then,” she said briskly.

Mary dusted her hands, straightened her back, and reclaimed her sword. Anne ran ahead, soft shoes soundless against the cobblestones. Mary followed quickly, her boots, the soles wrapped in sheepskin, thudded nearly as quietly.

If you become a Patreon supporter before the end of 2021, you will get this story, another in December, as well as access to all my stories going back to January 2021. In late December, active patrons will receive a direct email about ordering merchandise featuring the art of @somewillwin showcasing characters and scenes from my entire list of 2021 stories.

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