Marketing question

Note that this is NOT solely related to my books. I’m curious about book-buying behavior in general. So please, answer this question, thinking about the last few books you were exposed to ANYWHERE.


I was listening to Marketplace, an American Public Media production that airs on my local public radio station. The segment was talking about marketing and thinking about public purchasing behavior. There are two camps of thinking, about making a product more appealing, or removing barriers to a potential buyer completing a purchase. Instead of asking someone to pick apart why they said YES to buying something, the analyst suggested you should be looking into removing the barriers that STOP a person from buying.

On to the poll

Somewhere on the internet, some author’s promo for their book caught your attention and you clicked the link to find out more. I’m not asking you what made you click the link. I’m asking

In other words, what barriers can an author remove to make you, the reader, more likely to buy their book?

~ Lara

As I go into 2022, I want to get better at marketing. If there’s obstacles readers face when considering a purchase, I’d like to know what they are. Then I can see to removing them for you. And I’m sure other authors would like to know too. This post will remain up, continuing to gather data that all visitors can see.

Thank you for your time. ~ LZ

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