December Patreon sneak peek

“Handling the Holidays” is a 10k short tale from my Turning Point series, featuring Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland. The two women are ending 2001 where it all began a year earlier – with their children and the holidays. This isn’t a redux of Christmas past, and both women are discovering just how much has changed in a year and how much they’ve grown as a couple and as a family. 

This story joins three others about Brenna and Cassidy and their boys that were Patron-exclusives: The End of the Beginning, Becoming Family, and Galway Getaway (links are to public posts). Get access to all my 2021 stories for a $1 monthly membership or audio at the $3 level.

Here’s a sneak peek from “Handling the Holidays”…

Ryan finished coloring in his last gumdrop and sat back. Reaching for his milk, he said, “Done.”

“That’s very good, Ryan.” Cassidy leaned over and kissed her son’s head. Brenna inhaled the woman’s scent as she came close to Brenna perched on a child-size seat. Discreetly, she cupped the back of Cassidy’s knee next to her arm. Eyes smiled at her, then Cassidy said to the whole table, “We’re about ready to line up for the assembly.”

“Help me up?” Brenna asked. Cassidy’s grip on her hand was soft and strong and… “Oh.” She grimaced and rubbed at her lower back, stretching.

Walking a few steps away and leading Brenna to the side of the room, Cassidy said, “You looked like you were enjoying yourself. Reminded me of you at the Halloween party last year.”

The full story will be posted for patrons on December 11, and the audio will follow before Christmas, December 22. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.

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