2021 Round-up

2021 has been a very busy year both in my life and in my writing.

This post is meant as a sort of index. In case you’re looking for something and can’t find it easily.


I launched a Patreon in January. Revisiting some familiar faces and meeting some new ones. 96k+ words written. 12 stories in 12 months. The links will take you to the post where I published the story for patrons. $1 will give you access to all of these (think of it like a 99c sale on Amazon). But if you keep up the membership, you’ll get a new story every month in 2022, too.

  1. Bump in the Night
  2. The End of the Beginning
  3. Becoming Family
  4. A New Life
  5. Give Me a Lyft
  6. Cabalgo
  7. Galway Getaway
  8. Anne’s Birthday
  9. Taking Soule Responsibility
  10. Ghost of a Chance
  11. Call Me By Name
  12. Handling the Holidays

Audiobooks of each are also available, for $3 tier members.


In December, I also released a 4-in-1 collection for Brenna & Cassidy fans, pulling together The End of the Beginning, Becoming Family, Galway Getaway and Handling the Holidays using fan art drawn by somewillwin as cover art.

I will also be gathering together the stories about Captain Mary and Lady Anne, beginning with the novella The Queen’s Gift and adding the new stories Anne’s Birthday and Call Me By Name. The cover again is fan art by somewillwin.

I hit the American western historical genre hard last year, writing stories with new characters in Cabalgo, and Taking Soule Responsibility, a sequel to Book’s Pass. I’m already planning new historical F/F stories for 2022.

I created some new couples in A New Life, Bump in the Night, and Give Me a Lyft.

I also opened a store for readers to buy things decorated with fan art inspired by my stories. Patrons get anniversary gifts and store credit based on their membership level.

We Fit novel

inspiration cover for We Fit
this will NOT be We Fit’s cover

The pandemic did play havoc with my longer writing projects. Though a year later than I’d hoped, I finally completed a draft of We Fit. At 74k+ this is the sequel to my poly FFM erotica novel, We Three (2019).

On the blog I had been teasing it since early 2020. I posted a couple sneak peeks, and during NaNo I worked really hard to close the loopholes. It’s with beta readers now and hopefully I will have a definitive publication plan by the end of March or April.


I got back into fanfiction writing… a little bit. I wrote some SwanQueen Spring Break week one-shots:

We Meet Between Sunrise and Sunset, Gloom and Bloom, The boss’s girlfriend, Leaping Leprechauns, A Late-night Snack and then Breakfast, and A Year to Know We Want More, which was actually a short sequel in my series The Unplanned Happy Ending. I also added a chapter to my Come On series, “Coming Under Fire”.

After joining a Discord server with other Janeway/Seven fans and reigniting that muse by chatting about J/7 every week on Zoom, I edited and revised some fanfic that had been left off the web for a dozen years, then a prompt caught my muse on FIRE. Over about 9 days, I wrote a complete 29k Janeway/Seven fanfic “Amnesia” that blew my mind a bit even as I was writing it.

Takeaways – Lessons Learned

  • I can push past imposter syndrome when I have a deadline. And when I have my audience clearly in mind.
  • I can also take impressive (and successful) chances trying new writing styles or point of view techniques.
  • And god, I seriously love being able to structure my work days around writing and editing. Most days I could spend 2-3 hours writing while still doing 4-6 hours on a client’s edits. Head over to my editing blog for a round up of the projects I helped authors with this year.

How was your 2021?

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