2022 Patreon is open

I’ve done some revamping of tiers on my Patreon, including merchandise credit for when you reach your anniversary date. The store is also open for anything else you’d like to get with fan art on it.

After surveying and talking with patrons, and others who I hope might become patrons, it’s clear that one complete story each month is more enticing than something ongoing that would take longer than a month to finish. But some of my longer story ideas were very popular when I sent out my 2022 story ideas list. What to do?

2022 plan

I’m still going to write and record one complete short story each month, but I will also share BTS notes and updates on longer stories that will finish (and thus get the PDF/EPUB and audio treatment) over 3-4 months.

I’m shifting my “publication” dates for patrons to the last days of the month, but throughout each month you’ll get more updates, scenes and quotes from both the month’s WIP and any longer WIPs I’m working on.

January stories

The one-shot this month will be Bren and Cass attending Bren’s Irish film opening: a fluffy short story filled with glamour, paparazzi, and after-party fun.

Based on popularity in the survey, I’m going to start the jazz club story this month, though it’s long and might go even beyond novella to novel length. We’ll see. It definitely has a slow-burn romance in it, so the sex is a long way off for the couple. I hope readers will enjoy the world-building as well as the story. I love piano and quartet jazz. I love the American 1930s, and I am deeply in love with Gaby and Hana, my two leads.

I’ll have several behind-the-scenes posts this month on both stories before the final unveils.

I hope your new year outlook is positive and full of love and hope, Thank you again for supporting my writing.


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