achievements unlocked

It’s the end of January, or very nearly. February’s going to be a bit of hit-or-miss for writing time since I have to travel out of town for family things. I also have my writers workshop to host twice a week when I get back. So here’s my accomplishments in January:

  1. FINISHED – “The Premiere” for patrons, 6,443 words.
  2. FINISHED – audiobook “The Premiere” for patrons, 33 minutes.
  3. STARTED – final class in my Professional Writing certification

During February, I’ll be looking at revisions and edits on We Fit (erotic romance) and Self-Editing, a Guidebook for Writers (non-fiction). I’ll also be writing another short story for my patrons and adding more to my historical romance. (patrons get BTS sneak peeks). If there’s any time left over, I may add to some incomplete fanfictions, too. We’ll see.

I hope your year is starting off just as well. Happy writing!

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