Sunny outlook

It’s June 1, and while summer isn’t officially here until the 21st, I am definitely a sun-centered being.

So I’ve been doing daily walks and even greeting the dawn with yoga. I’ve also taken a couple trips to the beach getting a start on my summer tan. Here’s some of the pictures.

A good dose of sun always gets me energized. Whether that’s for household chores I’ve put off too long or simply being creative, I’ve learned to seize the momentum. So this last month, and continuing through June, I am rewriting and expanding a story about the mid-life crisis for a female shifter named Skylar. This will be my first full-length paranormal novel. I’ve written short stories before and in fact, this idea began as a short story first published by Torquere Press in an LGBTQ collection called Sapphic Signs. It’s no longer available and I’ve since gotten the rights to the story back.

This summer should be her last heat, putting an end to her father’s attempts to get her back to the Pride to mate and keep their population growing. While putting off her father’s messengers, a problem arises much closer to Skylar’s home and heart. Max, the son of her human partner Lila, goes missing from the same campsite where his father was found, apparently mauled to death by an animal.

Can she put off her father until Max is found? Could solving the mystery of the father’s death and finding Max cause all Skylar’s secrets to come out and end everything she truly takes pride in?

Skylar’s Pride, by Lara Zielinsky


I’m going to participate in a 30 days of Pride on Twitter. I’ll post some new fact on each of the days in June. Follow me there (and I’ll follow back). You can share your own fact as a reply or quote tweet each day.

~ Lara

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