Podcast recommendation

I do a lot of research as well as draw from my own experience when writing stories. This podcast “Making Polyamory Work” has actually been around since 2019, but I only just found it. Probably because analytics finally caught it as “popular,” it was made a recommendation to me in my podcast listening app. It’s a “quiet” one, basically focused thoughts backed up by psychology (15-30 minutes is typical) about polyamory from Libby Sinback, both a practitioner, and a counselor and relationship coach.

It shares a lot of good ideas about relationship building that I used to shape scenes for both We Three and We Fit. There’s more reflected in We Fit because, well, I’ve learned more about ethical non-monogamy (ENM) over the years in between, not just from podcasts, but also from my own practice and my conversations with others in the community.

In this linked episode (click image), Libby is joined by Multiamory co-host Dedeker Winston and they discuss answering the question “how do I know if I’m poly?”

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