We Fit is here!

Unveiled on multiple platforms on November 1, 2022, We Fit: We Three Together continues the story of Jess, Elena and Eric as they move away from swinging to something utterly new for all of them: polyamorous loving.

Miscommunication and a pregnancy scare drove Jess into hiding (thank god, she didn’t actually leave town) from Elena and Eric, who had become so close to her over the weeks and months before Christmas.

Elena, accepting advice from Eric, tries to find out what she might be able to do to get Jess back.

For all the details on where to get your e-copy, visit Supposed Crimes We Fit catalog page.

If you’re looking to purchase an autographed print copy of either/both We Fit and We Three (with its new matching cover), you’ll find the PayPal purchase form here.

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