Podcast interview

The lovely Emma and Fin at “Normalizing Nonmonogamy” interviewed me and my husband about a month ago and the interview was posted today. The podcast is mostly about our ethical non-monogamy journey, lessons and successes. But since so much of that is experience I draw on for my books, they get mentioned too.

If you are interested in learning more about living a non-monogamous life, NNM is an excellent podcast. Every person Emma and Fin interview has a different take and a different practice, and you may find elements that appeal to you from the many different relationship dynamics shared. There is not one single way to “do” nonmonogamy. It can become what you and your partners define it.

If you listen to the interview, leave me a comment here with your thoughts.

If you’d like to read nonmonogamous romance stories, you can get hit or miss (and almost exclusively erotica) if you search using tags like “swinging” “menage” or “threesome.” “Harem and “Reverse Harem” come closer, but are still primarily used to denote stories that have more sex-based relationships. “Multiple partners” and “why choose” are coming up in some circles as useful categorization tags. It can be found in some non-romance-centered stories, like epic fantasies where the world-building holds no stigma for or against multiple partners. For contemporary romance though, the phrases “polyamory” and “ethical nonmonogamy” aren’t yet being widely used.

But that’s where I’ve tried to fit my stories into the market. My stories We Three and We Fit tell the story of Jess, Elena, and Eric, who begin making a connection as swingers (and much like myself and my spouse did) realize that’s not fulfilling them in the ways they’d hoped and seek to create something more.

I have a few paperbacks available for autographed direct sale. You can get both books for $20 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Just email me and we’ll get it sorted what you want the inscription to say and where you want them mailed. You can also buy the books or ebooks from several different online sources. For a complete list of distributors, visit the book pages We Three and We Fit at my publisher’s website.

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