Take two: starting anew

January turned out to be a rather sad start to the new year. Yes, I am fine, but I once again had a death in the family. I have been unable to set a routine to get my 2023 plans into solid motion. I had been planning a new story, but it stalled when I couldn’t sit down and write a bit every day. I managed only 1,200 words, which I suppose should count for something. But the emotional connection feels flat as I grieve and handle my family’s grief as well.

I know logically my struggle to write is a side effect of being emotionally exhausted, but when I can’t write I often don’t feel centered.

So I went back to basics today, deciding on this first day of a new week to reestablish my morning routine: pilates stretches for 20 minutes. I am a complete novice, so we’re talking basic beginner level AND I follow a physical therapist who talks a lot about how to modify or go slowly to avoid hurting myself. I tried my HIIT workout program again, but made it through only one set, so that will have to be a gradual return. I did walk for 20 minutes outside, notching 1,646 steps; at least the weather is cooperating; it was 62F. I’ll go again in a couple hours. I had a shake (banana with protein power and blueberries) for breakfast. And of course my quart of tea is beside me as I sit down to write.

My Rocketbook has a few of the words for my story, so I’m going to try handwriting to add to them for a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Here’s to starting over, again!

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