I should be writing

I should. But 2023 has been very busy throwing curve balls. And I haven’t been able to get time to write. And when I do, my mental attic is scattered, unable to focus on any particular story.

A couple days ago, I received word that my aunt died. It’s not that I was particularly close to this aunt. It is more that my mother is feeling extremely fragile. So I have left the comfortable routines and space of my home to come be being emotional support for her. This death comes just on the heels of the sudden death one month ago of her other sister.

I look back at my blogs so far this year and realize now that I didn’t mention that. I did mention that my father died. That’ll be a year ago at the end of March. My mother has become “old” over this past year, and as her closest child, and now closest relative, I have taken on being her support. She has friends, thank goodness, but there is a difference between being friends and being family when it comes to support.

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day, so this should be a post about love. And it is.

Candy hearts, image by Getty Images

It is a reminder, too, that love is strong, but it is fragile, too, and should be tended in the unique ways the individuals involved feel themselves connected. If that’s a special dinner date, go for it. If it’s accepting a late night phone call and just listening to them cry and vent, do that. If it’s giving and getting a hug just because, do that, too.

I’ve written many times about the 5 love languages here in regards to developing the relationships between fictional characters.

But take this as a reminder from a romance author: love lives in stories because all stories, whether real or fantasy, are based on real human life and emotions.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day from the road (I’m driving my mother to her sister’s funeral today).


PS – my stories all share my point of view about love being in the simple, small moments. If that appeals to you, visit my Amazon page to purchase a book or ebook.

One thought on “I should be writing

  1. I love this blog piece. And I’m so sorry for that. It must be hard having so many relatives die at once. And I think that’s right. Love is complicated, fragile, and it stretches out in it’s own unique curves. Keep writing because this is amazing.


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