Turning In

The Post-Turning Point Short Story Collection

Book 3 in the Turning Point series

Coming Soon: April 2023, Acquitted Books (Supposed Crimes)

Turning In features several new short stories (48,000 words) that follow actresses Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland after their series Time Trails comes to an end. This celebrity age-gap couple navigate blended family issues with their sons and spend time building their lives as a couple, find new friends, and fill new roles onscreen and off. Set during the earliest days of the 21st century (2001-2002).

  • The End of the Beginning
  • Becoming Family
  • Family Functions
  • Galway Getaway
  • Handling the Holidays
  • The Premiere

Formats: paperback, Kindle ebook, Kobo ebook, EPUB via publisher

Purchase from author: autographed second edition hardcover
(US$10.00; limited supply)

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