Spotlight: We Fit

Saw this little news item in my Morning newsletter from the NY Times:

It reminded me of the date night between Jess and Eric in WE FIT, my polyamory romance sequel to WE THREE.

It’s been a while since I talked about this book, so I thought I’d share a bit of that scene today. As you may remember, Eric is Elena’s husband, and during most of We Three, Elena and Jess were the primary romantic coupling. Eric was supportive, and a frequent participant, but in a reflection of the realities of polyamory, his romance with Jess developed at a different pace and in different ways than the relationship Elena had with Jess.

In We Fit, because Jess felt uncomfortable about that imbalance, Eric and Jess spend more time dating, getting to know one another outside the bedroom and connecting generally. The Florida Panthers home base is Miami, so it was an easy option for a “belated” Valentine’s Day date.

click here to listen to this excerpt read by the author

Jess emerged from the bathroom and he crossed to meet her in the middle of the concourse. “No snacks?” she asked.

“Where we’re going we don’t need snacks,” he said, trying an imitation of Doc Brown.

She laughed and wrapped her hands around his arm. “OK. So where are we seated?”

“You’ll need this,” he said, handing her the jersey.

“You got me a team jersey?” Jess gaped. Her fingers clutched the fabric as she studied the number and the lettering. “Why?”

“Because I love seeing a girl in uniform,” he teased.

She laughed again and pulled the jersey on over her collared button-up blouse. She wore a dark blue pair of tight jeans, too. This was hockey after all, not a night at the theater.

“You are definitely a ten.” He stepped forward and helped free her collar from beneath the jersey, smoothing it down and then sliding his hands down her shoulders.

“I love it,” she said. “Thank you.”

Her green eyes met his, warm with her feelings, so he followed his desire, cupping her cheeks and pressing his lips to hers. She melted into his body as their lips continued to soothe across each other. He heard her moan, felt her hands grip at his shirt, and moved his mouth away. “It may be a week late, but this is our Valentine’s Day, right?”

She nodded, rolling her cheek into his still cupped palm.

He kissed her forehead and then turned her so they were shoulder to shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her back. “Come on. Our seats are this way.”

I hope you enjoyed this peek. To purchase the entire novel, visit to select a store.

~ Lara

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