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Note: this is a character-fiction page and the content is copyright Lara Zielinsky, author of Turning Point and Turn for Home wherein these characters appear. Anything in here that resembles real events or persons, past, present, or future, is purely coincidental.

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Entering a New Time

interview recorded at the Science Fiction in Motion Pictures and Television fan event in Los Angeles in April 2001.

Background: Cassidy Hyland (b.1968) portrays Lt. Christine Hansen on the Sci-Fi series Time Trails. The fan-favorite PPTV production is currently shooting its fifth season.

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Brenna Lanigan

Q: What was it about Brenna that you were so intrigued by, even before you got to know each other? (Laurie, Tampa, Florida)

A: Cassidy smiles easily. She’s obviously asked this question fairly often.
“When I was invited to read for the part, the Pinnacle people, Victor was there. I think even Cam was there. They showed me tapes of the series to date, caught me up on the storyline, told me where they thought I’d fit in. Anyway, there were many layers to Bren’s acting and it felt like there was always something else going on under her skin. It was just a simple science fiction plot. But here was a woman giving it multiple layers, real vibrancy. Comparatively everything else was wooden. It made me curious, and as I look back, also aroused, flutters in the stomach, that sort of thing. I just knew I had to work with her. Whatever they’d give me, I’d take it.

Q: There were rumors of fighting. What was that about? (Chelle, New York)

A: No fighting. But I knew as the new person going in it was up to me to make friends. I talked craft with everyone, wanting to know techniques in this sci-fi thing I’d never done before. And they slowly warmed up.

One at a time, it worked, but Bren remained frustratingly distant. It didn’t help that on camera (Cass shakes her head) we were constantly arguing. It wasn’t conducive to getting to know her or her methods. A lot of the downtime that can build that relationship, I didn’t have.

Q: Because you were flying back and forth for work, still living in where?

A: Cass waves it off. “I wasn’t living in L.A.”

Q: What made you realize you had become gay?

Cass sighs and shifts covering her face briefly then brushing her fingers over her lips…

I don’t know that I became… my life kind of opened up and I woke up. I was working with a lot of assumptions of what my life was supposed to be. But…

Q: So you’re not gay? What’s this then?

I’m absolutely in love with Brenna Lanigan, so that does make me not straight. I’d have to say bisexual probably. I’m committed to making a family with her.

Q: So you’re looking to get involved in gay rights?

Bren and I want to focus on our family, but I’m sure we’ll talk about this as we go forward.

Author note: Thanks to the reader-fans who helped me with this interview-style character study by sending questions. LZ