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We Fit is here!

Unveiled on multiple platforms on November 1, 2022, We Fit: We Three Together continues the story of Jess, Elena and Eric as they move away from swinging to something utterly new for all of them: polyamorous loving. Miscommunication and a pregnancy scare drove Jess into hiding (thank god, she didn’t actually leave town) from Elena … Continue reading We Fit is here!

We Fit – Eric

The story of how We Three and We Fit came to be wouldn’t be complete without my sharing about the wonderful character of Eric Tanner. Inspiration and Characterization Eric Tanner is primarily a mix of two people. The first is unquestionably Tom Decker of Swingtown (married to Trina, Elena’s inspiration). The other inspirational figure is … Continue reading We Fit – Eric


Check it out! The release of We Fit is near (November 1, 2022)! And the books (new covers for We Three, and We Fit to match) are here! The video has some links, but here’s a definitive list: We Three We Fit You can also order autographed copies from me. After shipping is added, it’ll … Continue reading Unboxing

We Fit – Jess

Before I dive in and give you a sneak peek into the development Jess goes through in We Fit, I have some fantastic news. PRE-ORDERS are open. You can reserve a Kindle copy here. You can reserve an EPUB (all other readers) here. The first book WE THREE is also specially priced at 99 cents … Continue reading We Fit – Jess


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