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Were Sartre and De Beauvoir the world’s first modern couple? – BBC Reel

In 1929, the French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir agreed to commit to an open relationship – one that lasted until Sartre’s death in 1980. — Read on What follows is a bit of a ramble, though I tried to contain it. But sometimes things just occur to me, ya know? I … Continue reading Were Sartre and De Beauvoir the world’s first modern couple? – BBC Reel

My Take: Torchwood

Torchwood isn’t much more than a short-lived Doctor Who spinoff. However, the series is a landmark piece of queer television, masquerading behind truckloads of science fiction. — Read on Just a bit of observation tonight… I quite enjoyed this series a few years ago. One of the best aspects of it was the normalcy of … Continue reading My Take: Torchwood


Got a question up on my Facebook author page about the type of writing I do and asking for suggestions to describe my author “brand.” At the end of the week, I will select one commenter for a free book of their choice (that goes for both paperback or ebooks).

Relevant Backstory

This blog from Helping Writers Become Authors compares two movie adaptations of The Scarlet Pimpernel to discuss some points of when and how to best convey your character’s backstory. I’d like to discuss how and when to include backstory. Consider this an entry in my editing and writing advice tags. Closely related to this topic … Continue reading Relevant Backstory

SQ Fanfiction updates

For those interested in the Swan Queen (OUAT) fandom, I participated in 6 out of the 7 prompts for Swan Queen Spring Break Week 2021. The results are now up on both my AO3 and FFN pages. Two of the stories are AU, featuring the characters in someplace other than Storybrooke, in non-OUAT situations, and … Continue reading SQ Fanfiction updates

April thoughts

totally random post Though March 20 was the actual equinox, many people consider April really the first Spring month (Yes, I’m talking northern hemisphere here, folks. I’m in Florida. We’ve had summer-like weather for two weeks now. LOL) According to April 2021 is designated as: Keep America Beautiful Month Lawn and Garden Month National … Continue reading April thoughts

Making loose plans

It’s pre-dawn Monday morning as I write this. Dark outside for at least another 1/2 hour. I’ve done my morning workout, skimmed the news, and looked over my plans for the week. It’s my intention to get this posted today. Oops. Doggus interruptus. My pup needed to go for a walk. So we did. Back … Continue reading Making loose plans

Happy release day!

Yesterday and today I released the text and audio of a new short story. I hope you’ll want to check it out. The text of the story was posted yesterday for all patrons on Patreon. Tier 2+ patrons also audio: me reading the story. Because it contains an explicit sex scene, “Becoming Family” is for … Continue reading Happy release day!


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