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Writing about sex

This blog post has been prompted by a post made on one of my Facebook writing groups. The gist was “Help! I’m writing my romance story, but I struggle… every time… to write c… cu… you know, the c word”. I had some definite thoughts on this but decided I didn’t want the OP to … Continue reading Writing about sex

Sunny outlook

It’s June 1, and while summer isn’t officially here until the 21st, I am definitely a sun-centered being. So I’ve been doing daily walks and even greeting the dawn with yoga. I’ve also taken a couple trips to the beach getting a start on my summer tan. Here’s some of the pictures. A good dose … Continue reading Sunny outlook

where to next?

The news just dropped that Musk has purchased Twitter with the intention of returning it to a privately held company instead of a publicly traded one. Privately held companies can control content in ways that publicly traded ones cannot. While M’s position is “unfettered” free speech, I sincerely doubt that claim. So…I’m probably going to … Continue reading where to next?

Looking back

I have been a published author for a while. And sometimes this fact stuns me. I see authors who have been writing for less time, with more books. I only have four. Clearly, I write slow. But writing for me is a release, an expression. I don’t really do it to become rich, though a … Continue reading Looking back


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