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where to next?

The news just dropped that Musk has purchased Twitter with the intention of returning it to a privately held company instead of a publicly traded one. Privately held companies can control content in ways that publicly traded ones cannot. While M’s position is “unfettered” free speech, I sincerely doubt that claim. So…I’m probably going to … Continue reading where to next?

Looking back

I have been a published author for a while. And sometimes this fact stuns me. I see authors who have been writing for less time, with more books. I only have four. Clearly, I write slow. But writing for me is a release, an expression. I don’t really do it to become rich, though a … Continue reading Looking back

Sacred places

Today’s post is just me blogging about something that moved me. I don’t write stories about indigenous persons because, while I do have some Native American heritage, it’s very small and I am not personally connected to any NA traditions. I do, however, support wholeheartedly the process of returning to the Tribes the care of … Continue reading Sacred places

Women’s History Month

(Posting this on “national smart and sexy day” too seems appropriate) Top Row (from left): Sojourner Truth, Sacajawea, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt. Middle (from left): Amelia Earhart, Michelle Obama. Bottom (from left): Jeri Ryan, Kate Mulgrew, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla. I’ve walked Commonwealth Avenue and read the wise words of Sojourner Truth: “Dear Mr. … Continue reading Women’s History Month

National read an ebook week

For National Read an Ebook week, here’s a rundown of the books I’ve recently read or am reading. I read everything in digital format these days, so it goes without saying that these are all ebooks. What have you been reading?


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