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Not always visible

trigger warning: discussion of abuse though it is oblique and in the context of writing a fictional character. I’m going to talk a little about the ways that DV can be invisible. That woman (or man) you think is very private about their partner, doesn’t talk about their life outside of work, has unusual absences, … Continue reading Not always visible

Bi Visibility

I am bisexual. It’s not a secret in my family or friends online or in real life, though I am not one to constantly write or talk about it. Sexual orientation doesn’t exactly come up in a lot of my conversations for one big reason: I don’t have a lot of conversations with people in … Continue reading Bi Visibility

20 year anniversary

20 years ago this week, I completed the first draft of my very first novel, Turning Point. This post is a reflection of that journey and what I learned about writing, editing, and publishing along the way. Draft I was inspired by fandom with a “what if?” question. What if the animosity between a pair … Continue reading 20 year anniversary

September Patreon peek

My September Patreon story is mostly finished. It has a working title “Taking Soule Responsibility” and cover art. Keep reading to read the story’s first page. Taking Soule Responsibility (page 1) Emmeline checked her appearance in the reflecting glass atop the chest of drawers in the corner of the large bedroom. Sunlight from the July … Continue reading September Patreon peek

Fantasy inspiration

Yesterday, I talked about my mantra for inspiration and writing: in order to write real life fiction, one has to live a real life. Today, I’m going to flip that completely. I’ve been trying for years to write a full-on urban fantasy paranormal story. There’s reality in it, but there’s fantastical elements too. Things that … Continue reading Fantasy inspiration


Life is very busy. There are to-do lists and daily chores. That’s everybody’s life. Then there’s the writer’s life. When I decided to make my work about words, I added to my to-do list things to do about making my income as a writer. If I want income that suggests this is me “making a … Continue reading Inspiration

August Patreon story

Here’s the audio and text teaser for the August Patreon story “Anne’s Birthday,” the third story featuring (pirate) Captain “Bloody” Mary Flint and her captive Lady Anne Coleridge. Now called the “Rouge Rogue” series (after Mary’s ship), there are three stories in the collection: The Queen’s Gift free PDF Caribbean Christmas and now, Anne’s Birthday … Continue reading August Patreon story

GCLS 2021

Golden Crown Literary Society,, held their 2021 awards (“The Goldies”) virtually yesterday. The GCLS mission is “to increase the visibility and quality of literature that embraces and celebrates women loving women (WLW).” Review GCLS’s Twitter feed for the winners. These are books that were published in 2020. I have a few comments below about … Continue reading GCLS 2021

July’s special days

I often visit this page for a list of holidays and observances to brainstorm ideas to write about. There are the observances and holidays you’d expect. Then there’s “capture the sunset week” and other unusual recognitions. I have used these as inspiration to drop details into stories, or spark complete plots. July has several such … Continue reading July’s special days


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