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Poly Perspectives

Happy Friday, everyone! Taking my blog time today to do some wrap up. Today’s post is a mental clearinghouse and review/reflection regarding some polyamory and ethical non-monogamy posts I’ve seen recently in my social media timelines. While I find a lot of it useful and sound, I take issue in small ways. One of the […]

Patreon launch

A quick update as I dive into the edits I’m working on today. This week saw the release of “Bump in the Night,” the first story of my “12 sapphic stories in 12 months” project on Patreon. Text and audio are available to patrons. New members will have access to previous stories available at their […]

Patreon sneak peek

My patreon, a goal of 12 short stories in 12 months, launched recently. The first story is already written and will be available in PDF, epub, AND AUDIO. All the stories will be originals and follow the same genre as my other fiction: women-loving women having adventures and falling in love. I’ll be experimenting a […]

Make a new beginning

I spent 2020 like many of you, trying to figure out how to move forward within a new world. One of my 2021 resolutions is more writing and more accountability. So I have committed to a year-long writing goal: 12 complete short stories. Followers As the screencap shows, I have over 1,000 followers. If you […]

Lilac Mines book review

Author’s note: Clearing out my unpublished drafts as 2020 comes to a close. I found a cache of things I’d published around the LGBTQ internet as my second novel came to be. 10 years is a good time to look back. ~ LZ This review was originally submitted to Lambda Literary book review section on […]

Old podcast interviews

#throwbackthursday cleaning out my archives with a look back ten years, when my second novel was releasing. ~ LZ March 5, 2010 I was interviewed on the BlogTalkRadio program “Femslash 4 Fans.” Host Allaine gave me a chance to discuss my femslash origins as a fanfic writer. On April 29, 2010, I was interviewed by […]

old online interviews

2020 has been a good year to reorganize things. Here’s links to all the print Q&A type interviews I’ve done related to my writing, my fanfic, or my books. I’ll keep updating as I find more. Some may be links to PDFs if the original has gone offline. Please let me know if you find […]

Chat about writing and editing

I’ve been hosting a chat on Zoom with several Facebook friends for the last few months. The basic format is me leading discussion to answer participant questions related to the writing process and/or editing. In past chats, we’ve discussed: different narrative points of view how to show different aspects of characterization how to describe setting […]

Donuts and Desires: Quick Six TNG with Lara Zielinsky

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday, here’s a 10 year old interview: Quick Six TNG with Lara Zielinsky Donuts and Desires Post your own random questions today in the comments and I will answer them in a blog this weekend. Here’s a few ideas: Tell us something not many people know? What made you want to become a […]

Editing Spotlight

As an editor, I have been privileged to enjoy the work of all the authors I have worked with over the years. Two recent clients have brought their books online for sale and I’m going to promo them here. Click on the images to go to a link for the book I edited. The Pride […]


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