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Transvisibility Day

I am not qualified to write the experience of a transperson in transition in the plot of a story. But I do have a trans character in a supporting role. Cris is married to Caitlyn and both of them have been swap partners with Eric and Elena, the married couple at the center of We…


I’ve got it bad. I have been revisiting favorite characters of mine and rereading their stories as “comfort food.” Last week, I had the privilege of indulging myself and enticing new readers from the members of the I Heart Sapphic Readers Group on Facebook. I asked readers WWYD types of questions that hinted at quandaries…


My personal life has had a lot of upheaval lately, two family deaths and the one-year anniversary of my father’s death all hit January, February, and March. It’s meant a lot of sudden travel and quite the emotional rollercoaster. Ir’s almost certainly why I’ve struggled to do any new writing. Just like picking up a…

Turning In

The Post-Turning Point Short Story Collection Book 3 in the Turning Point series Coming Soon: April 2023, Acquitted Books (Supposed Crimes) Formats: paperback, Kindle ebook, Kobo ebook, EPUB via publisher Purchase from author: autographed second edition hardcover(US$10.00; limited supply) PS – You can receive the first story in the collection, “The End of the Beginning”…

I should be writing

I should. But 2023 has been very busy throwing curve balls. And I haven’t been able to get time to write. And when I do, my mental attic is scattered, unable to focus on any particular story. A couple days ago, I received word that my aunt died. It’s not that I was particularly close…


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