Published Books

All my novels are currently available in both print and Kindle formats. Choose your format at any of these fine distributors: Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, or Barnes & Noble. You can also visit my publishers page.

Follow these links to learn more about each book:

You can also receive an e-graph from me via Authorgraphs.

I have paperbacks of the above books as well as a few that have gone out of print. If you’re interested in an autographed copy, email me.

  1. $10, Turning Point, first edition, P.D. Publishing, 2007, 1st edition
  2. $10, Turn for Home, first edition, P.D. Publishing, 2010, 1st edition
  3. $10, To Love and To Cherish, 2010, loveyoudivine, 2010, 1st edition
.gr_container { font-family:”Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; width: 250px; } .gr_book_container { border-bottom: 1px solid #d7d7d7; padding: 5px 0px; } .gr_book_image { float: left; padding-right: 20px; } .gr_book_title {} .gr_review_stats {} Lara Zielinsky’s books on Goodreads
Turning Point Turning Point
reviews: 18
ratings: 222 (avg rating 3.88)

Turn for Home Turn for Home
reviews: 9
ratings: 129 (avg rating 3.87)

We Three: One and One and One Make Three We Three: One and One and One Make Three
reviews: 10
ratings: 16 (avg rating 4.00)

Skylar's Pride Skylar’s Pride
ratings: 16 (avg rating 3.06)

The Queen's Gift The Queen’s Gift
reviews: 1
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.80)

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