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Chat about writing and editing

I’ve been hosting a chat on Zoom with several Facebook friends for the last few months.

The basic format is me leading discussion to answer participant questions related to the writing process and/or editing. In past chats, we’ve discussed:

  1. different narrative points of view
  2. how to show different aspects of characterization
  3. how to describe setting but not slow the plot
  4. how to build genuine tension
  5. and many other topics.

I have also shared ways to self-edit, and defined and demonstrated the different types of editing.

If this might be something you’d enjoy participating in, check out the notes from the last meeting which I posted on my Facebook editing services page.

The next chat is currently scheduled for December 26, 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, US). RSVP on Facebook if you’d like to join.

If there’s a lot of interest (leave a comment) from people not on Facebook, I can set up a different chat for another day/time.

Happy holidays, everyone!