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LGBT History Month: A Reading List

Forwarding this wonderful list:

36 socially conscious books for your reading list | locallove

LGBT History Month: A Reading List by ChiPubLib_Adults – a staff-created list : In observance of LGBT History Month and for use year-round, we’ve compiled a list of recent and classic books about the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

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networking on Twitter

Networking is a more passive form of marketing. The fact is, it’s actually a more beneficent form. Networking is about building relationships, which marketing purports to do. But where marketing can turn off readers (check out this article), networking is collegial and friendly, like sitting with someone over coffee and talking about the things you both find fascinating.

“11 Twitter Chats for Authors” posted by Florida Writers Association a few days ago gave me some marketing and networking things to think about.

As I went through the chats listed my this writer’s group, I realized I’ve attended most of them. So here’s my “reviews” on their usefulness for writers of women-loving women, romance, and/or erotica.

  • rainbow=community is LGBTQ friendly.
  • heart=romance writers are welcome.
  • lips=erotica writers are welcome.
hashtag to follow chat
#BookMarketingChatyesyesnot really
#writestuffyesyesnot really
#writeChatyesyesif it fits the prompt, must mark #NSFW also to respect those who have such content muted.

I have one not listed on the FWA post: #writeStuff is Tuesdays at 9 pm and also has a Facebook group. Questions and community answers related to writing topics (like character, setting, plot, etc.) and the writing life (keeping focused, finding inspiration, etc.).

~ Lara

nominations open for BBA9

Sharing a blog from The Bi Writers Association . They are now accepting nominations for the 2020 Bisexual Book Awards. Deadline for nominations is December 2, 2020.

I’ve been both a nominee and judge and can sincerely vouch for how seriously judges take these. Note: there is a per book fee to enter, but ANYONE can nominate a book so if you have a crowd-pleaser, get a bunch of them together and crowd-source your entry fee.

The awards are presented annually in New York City, usually on the same weekend as the Lambda Awards. 2020’s awards (for books published in 2019) was, as you might expect, virtual. Check out videos on Youtube.


  • Bisexual Non-Fiction
  • Bisexual Memoir/Biography
  • Bisexual Fiction
  • Bisexual Romance
  • Bisexual Erotic Fiction
  • Bisexual Speculative Fiction [Sci-fi/Bi-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal/-Horror/Etc.]
  • Bisexual Teen/Young Adult
  • Bisexual Mystery
  • Bisexual Poetry
  • Bisexual Anthology
  • Bisexual Graphic Novel/Memoir
  • Bisexual Playscript

Entry criteria:

  • Any book with a bisexual/pansexual or bi+ character, bisexual storyline, bisexual subject matter or bisexual themes.
  • Book award categories are open to all authors regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Books should be first published in print in 2020 (ARCs can be submitted if your book is being published in 2020 but after the Dec 2, 2020 deadline).
  • Books should be published in English.
  • Books must be published in print: not only e-book format.
    Print-on-Demand counts as “in print.”
  • Single short stories are not eligible.

Read all the details here:

Make a To-Read list from last year’s winners posted here.