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networking on Twitter

Networking is a more passive form of marketing. The fact is, it’s actually a more beneficent form. Networking is about building relationships, which marketing purports to do. But where marketing can turn off readers (check out this article), networking is collegial and friendly, like sitting with someone over coffee and talking about the things you both find fascinating.

“11 Twitter Chats for Authors” posted by Florida Writers Association a few days ago gave me some marketing and networking things to think about.

As I went through the chats listed my this writer’s group, I realized I’ve attended most of them. So here’s my “reviews” on their usefulness for writers of women-loving women, romance, and/or erotica.

  • rainbow=community is LGBTQ friendly.
  • heart=romance writers are welcome.
  • lips=erotica writers are welcome.
hashtag to follow chat
#BookMarketingChatyesyesnot really
#writestuffyesyesnot really
#writeChatyesyesif it fits the prompt, must mark #NSFW also to respect those who have such content muted.

I have one not listed on the FWA post: #writeStuff is Tuesdays at 9 pm and also has a Facebook group. Questions and community answers related to writing topics (like character, setting, plot, etc.) and the writing life (keeping focused, finding inspiration, etc.).

~ Lara