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Who I Am and Why I Can Help You

I am a published author and experienced editor who has worked with fiction authors for more than 15 years. My Facebook page has reviews and here are some testimonials from previous clients.

Education: I have a BA in Journalism and am currently working toward an MA in Writing. I am certified to teach English language arts, reading and writing, and have been teaching in secondary schools for the last 10 years. I am a senior judge for the Bi+ Book Awards, and my own books have received multiple accolades and awards.

Editing Services and Pricing:

Sample edits are free for ONE scene (up to 1,500 words). Contact me.

Guidelines for freelance editing rates were updated by the Editorial Freelancers Association, and came from a survey of freelancers across the globe. I’m pleased to note that my rates are very competitive. — Read on

  1. copy editing ($0.004 per word)
  2. developmental editing ($0.007 per word)
  3. teaching edit/consultation ($60 for 60 minutes)

Turnaround time:

  • Fiction novel (60-80k) takes me 7-10 days to copy edit.
  • Developmental edit takes 10-12 days.
  • Teaching edits are one-hour sessions using Google Docs and Zoom or Google Meet.

Contracted Service:

When you request a service, I send you a contract that identifies the work, the author, and establishes payment amount and terms, including cancellation and partial payment policies.

Payment: PayPal Invoices

Payment is due within 24 hours of receipt of the file with the completed edits. A PayPal invoice will be issued to the email address on the contract.

Read on for more information about each service or contact me to ask questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a copy edit?

A copy edit improves flow and readability so your readers can become absorbed in the ideas and story you are sharing.

A copy edit does not change:
1. plot or character details
2. author’s style
3. diction of characters’ dialogue

A copy edit corrects: 
1. typos
2. misspellings
3. grammar 
4. punctuation. 

Contact Me today!

What is a developmental edit?

Editing fiction narratives requires attention not only to grammar but also
consistency and structure of the story elements like characterization, setting, and plot.

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(new) What happens in a editing consultation?

This new service gives you the advantage of learning to become a better writer. If you are constantly getting certain kinds of feedback, I can often help you pinpoint what is going wrong in your writing process. Then I teach you how to fix it — using a piece of your own writing.

This is not a “canned” grammar or story writing lesson. This is live instruction specific to your needs with a particular story. It could be a character development question. It could be “bad habits” you have in grammar or punctuation. It could be ways to think your way out of a plot problem. But it’s one hour of one-on-one time.

The consultation can be conducted via Zoom or Google Meet using screen share. This is coupled with detailed instructional feedback comments in MS Word or Google Docs. Line by line, and comment by comment, we will work together through your writing.

The rate is $60 for 60 minutes. Contact me to see if your project would qualify.

~ Lara

Contact Me today!

Footnote: Here’s some of the titles and their genres that I’ve edited in more than 15 years of traditional and indie editing:

  • A Matter of Choice – LGBTQ romance
  • Remastering Jerna – LGBTQ BDSM fantasy romance
  • Murder in a Buckhead Garden – LGBTQ Israeli contemporary mystery
  • All That I Am – LGBTQ contemporary romance
  • The Way You Say My Name – LGBTQ YA romance
  • Iron Rose Bleeding – LGBTQ futuristic fiction
  • The Dreamer, Her Angel, and the Stars – LGBTQ science fiction romance
  • My Everything – LGBTQ romance
  • Dark Matter Corps – LGBTQ science fiction
  • The Stesi Save – contemporary suspense
  • Getaway Cottage – LGBTQ romance
  • Country Home – LGBTQ romance
  • Veil of Sorrow – LGBTQ paranormal (vampire)
  • Valley of the Dead – LGBTQ zombie apocalypse
  • The Delphinus Contract – LGBTQ science fiction
  • Denial – LGBTQ contemporary romance
  • To Love and To Cherish – LGBTQ romance and erotica short stories
  • Live and Die – contemporary mystery suspense
  • Spellwrought – LGBTQ fantasy adventure romance
  • 1049 Club – LGBTQ contemporary romance
  • Natural Exposure – contemporary erotic romance
  • Memories – LGBTQ contemporary romance, short story collection
  • Midnight Cloak – LGBTQ paranormal (shifters) romance
  • Ancestral Magic – LGBTQ fantasy
  • Primal Magic – LGBTQ fantasy
  • Barking at the Moon – LGBTQ paranormal (shifters) romance
  • Mrs. Smith and the Devil’s Library – LGBTQ historical adventure
  • The Rosebush Murders – LGBTQ mystery
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey: The Lost Science – non-fiction science
  • Sweeney Clan – family history, memoir, non-fiction narrative
  • Blood Memory Eye for an Eye – contemporary mystery suspense
  • One Night – contemporary erotic romance, short story collection
  • Pride’s Humility – LGBTQ erotica fantasy
  • A Shot of Absinthe – LGBTQ erotica fantasy, short story collection
  • Prewrath and Rapture – LGBTQ erotica fantasy
  • The Talisman (not yet published) – contemporary women’s fiction
  • To Grandmother’s House (not yet published) – YA contemporary adventure
  • Rags to Life (not yet published) – Christian contemporary romance

1 thought on “Fiction Editing

  1. carolynmcb

    I’ve been a repeat editing customer of Lara’s for some time now. I can attest that her rates are affordable, her editing work thorough and most helpful, and at the end of it all – you really feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Your fiction will absolutely be better off for Lara’s attention to it.



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