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writing update

I have been very busy. It’s mid term for my graduate class and there’s this research paper due Thursday. But I have also been sneaking in a few fiction writing minutes over the last few weeks. Finally finished another scene for We Fit, the sequel to We Three, an erotic romance, emphasis on the romance.

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

Thought I’d share a preview.

Elena and Jess walked out of the bedroom. Collecting her laptop from the living room, Elena returned to the dining table to set out breakfast items and found colorfully wrapped packages and envelopes at her place and where Jess usually sat when they ate together. She frowned, but then, lifting the card, she remembered a conversation with Eric about taking a spring trip. He must’ve been able to swing it, she thought. “Jess, come out here for a sec.”

“What’s up?” Jess appeared at the space between the dining table and kitchen entry. “Presents?”

“Presents,” she confirmed. “You’ve got a card.”

“What for?”

Elena had already opened her envelope with a card. “It says ‘All That Jazz’.” She caught a piece of paper that fell from the card. “Oh. I think–oh!” She quickly pointed to Jess’s package. “Jess, open yours.”

Jess stood behind her chair and reached for the package first. Elena could feel her own excitement building as she anticipated the blonde’s reaction to Eric’s gift. Out of the clown-wrapped paper, Jess removed a green and gray sweatshirt.

“When am I going to be able to wear a sweatshirt in Miami?” Jess asked. She turned it around holding the sweatshirt with a big Shamrock between the words “Not Irish, Just Drunk.”

“The card,” Elena said, finally unable to hide her impatient excitement. “Read his card.”

Jess lifted the flap out of the unsealed envelope and removed the card. “All That Jazz,” she read aloud then flipped open the front cover. Elena held her breath. “A plane ticket?”

Elena held up her own. “To Chicago!”

“What’s in Chicago?”

“Eric started as a commercial pilot out of O’Hare. He likes to go back every so often.”

Jess read the ticket information. “March 16. 18. That’s three days?”

“Over St Patrick’s Day,” Elena explained pointing at Jess’s sweatshirt then her own, now unpacked, the gold letters splashed over a green shamrock read: Too cute to pinch. “Eric and I have gone a few times. Now you’ll get to experience it, too. They dye the river green and everything is just…” She stumbled to explain. “You’ll love it,” she finished.

Jess slowly smiled and lifted her gaze from the ticket, meeting Elena’s.. Her green eyes filled with bright sparkles. “I’ve …wow. They put dye in the river? How? I’ve never…This is….he got me a ticket.” She sank to the chair still holding the ticket and shirt.

Yep, I decided the trio needed to take a vacation. Must be all this stuck inside I’m feeling from the pandemic.

~ Lara

Physical Touch

You’d think for an erotic novel, I’d have characters who rank Physical Touch top of their 5 Love Languages list, but as already shown (Quality Time) that’s not the case with Eric, Elena, and Jess. But Physical Touch IS important to all of them. Experience has taught them words can lie, but touch doesn’t.

Especially for Jess. She immediately notices Elena’s touch in their very first encounter.

Elena’s fingers drifted across the bar top. Tingles erupted up Jess’s arm on contact and flowed into her chest. Stifling a moan, Jess rolled her bottom lip between her teeth. “Perhaps I might still have a chance?” Elena said, her gaze staying on Jess. “Making out is hot, but sometimes I do love to fuck.” The last word was so bare, spoken huskily. Seductive.
More tingles—Elena’s fingers still stroked Jess’s—flooded into Jess’s groin. She shifted and dislodged Elena’s touch.

We Three, Chapter 1

Jess also loves Eric’s hugs which make her feel secure. Her sexual desires are also very physical. She wants firm touches and possessive grasps, loves having their hands tangled in her hair, or being fully possessed in penetration.

Elena loves the solidity of bodies pressing against her. She is tactile and physical in making connection and needs it back in turn. Eric loves feeling needed physically, not compliments on his body, but having people who want to touch him, cuddle, snuggle, sleep close with some part of their body against his.

~ Lara

i like your laugh

This excerpt from my WIP titled We Fit is after Jess and Elena’s laundry trip (see previous posts). It also fits the #100ways of showing I love you because Elena tells Jess she loves the sound of her laughter.

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three


“It’s Jess. Is this a bad time?”

“No, no, I wasn’t sleeping anyway.” 

Through the line Jess heard the rustle of some papers as Elena apparently set aside some work. “I’m sorry,” she said quickly.

Just a quickly Elena replied, “Nothing you have to be sorry for.” A short pause and then, “I’m all ears. What’s up?”

“I feel like I should apologize,” Jess said. “I… well, I’ll start with this: I really appreciated what you did for me today.”


“Taking me to the laundromat, hanging out.”

“I meant when I said I enjoy spending time with you, Jess.”

“I…I know that. I do.” Jess sat back against the headboard of her bed, staring at her bare feet. “I… owe you an explanation.”


“Yeah. I’ve had some time to think about why I said no.”

“You hadn’t before?”

“Your offer came out of the blue, for me,” Jess said. “I… I knew we were having a good time. Things were good, and I felt special. Us. ‘We’ was just starting to be an idea. Something… And it … you are really special to me. But… I … moving in says a lot more than I was ready for.”

“Was?” Elena said. After a moment, she added, “Are you thinking you might be ready now?”

“I’ve been alone a long time. You’ve seen my room. I don’t keep a lot of things. A sort of light life, you know. No mementos. I don’t get attached.”

Jess exhaled; she could hear Elena quietly breathing through the line. Just waiting, just being there, listening. To her.

She felt compelled to meet the brunette halfway. Some sort of explanation, even thought opening up about this terrified her. “Now though… I am …attached,” Jess said finally. “To you and Eric. I missed you, too, these last few weeks. And that… scares me. The last time.. well, it just, it didn’t work out. He, um, I guess wasn’t as attached to me. It was all about using me.”

“The guy that left you?”

Jess frowned. “I told you about him?”

“Well, just that he left. He used you?”

Jess pulled her knee to her chest and wrapped her free arm around it. “The apartment was a hole in the wall, but it was supposed to be our safe space. Instead, he had stolen stuff stashed there. They raided. I was charged with possession. He had skipped town completely. I went to jail for six months.”

“That’s terrible!” Elena said. After another moment of quiet on the line, she said, “You’ve got commitment issues. I don’t know that I can fix that, but the offer was genuinely about wanting to give you some place to have stability, not tie you down.” Elena paused then added, “We weren’t planning to make you a sex slave or something.”

Jess laughed.

“I really like your laugh,” Elena said. “I wish you could do it more often.”

“I have laughed so much more the last four months with you and Eric,” Jess admitted. “It’s different.”

“Different good though, right?” Elena’s words echoed similar ones the brunette had spoken the morning after the swingers house party in November.

Jess had to agree, as her chest warmed with the memory of that night, along with so many other days and nights enjoying the company of two wonderful people. “Yeah, it’s a good feeling.” She was surprised to wipe at tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

Somehow Elena heard the hitch in her voice through the phone. “You’re crying. I’m sorry. Really, I just want you to be happy and safe, Jess. I’ve always wanted that.”

Swallowing back the tears which she realized were from being more happy than sad, Jess managed to say, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Anytime. I mean that. Please.”

The line between them was silent for several seconds. Jess thought about hanging up, but didn’t want to. So she went with another idea. “So, um, would you be interested in hanging out on my next day off?” Jess ventured.

Elena’s response was quick and light. “Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.”

So what do you think? Are you as invested as I’ve become in seeing these people work out their issues together as a polycule? Let me know.

~ Lara