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Officially launched Ko-Fi

This weekend I went ahead and started a Ko-Fi account.

https://ko-fi.com/widgets/widget_2.jskofiwidget2.init(‘Support Me on Ko-fi’, ‘#29abe0’, ‘P5P22E0SB’);kofiwidget2.draw();

The donation level are multiples of $3, about the price of a coffee (or a whole gallon of tea, which I actually prefer). Metaphorical coffee breaks will help me find time to write.

You might wonder why did I choose Ko-Fi over Patreon since there are already a lot of other creators of lesbian, lgbt, even bisexual and romance content? I read this post by Holly Lisle and did a little figuring on my own.

I currently support a few creators on Patreon, but I had to restructure my support for them because I’ve been out of work for so long. Most of them don’t have a bottom level of support of a single dollar per month anymore. That was easy calculus. As my sixth graders could often prove, you can find a dollar in change in the couch cushions or the lunchroom floor if you look.

It also made me realize that if I can’t support a writer every month, many other people can’t either. Ko-Fi starts free with a basic one-time support button. Yes, Patreon has the one-time option too, but the primary goal is to gain monthly patronage.

To properly justify starting a Patreon as a creator, I would have to produce something every month, several somethings actually, to reward patrons at the different levels for their patronage. Unfortunately, my muse and writing has never been that predictably productive.

So Ko-Fi it is.

If you’re looking for something in exchange for your $3, I do have a Book’s Pass ebook bundle. Details are at the bottom of the book’s page here. Next I’m working on The Queen’s Gift ebook bundle. Then I’ll work on recording audio of both, to release as chapters (to keep the file size small).

If I finally gear up to creating new work things at a pace where putting up new content every month feels like a commitment I could fulfill, I will set up Patreon.

Until then, would you consider a one-time donation? Thank you!

~ Lara

https://ko-fi.com/widgets/widget_2.jskofiwidget2.init(‘Support Me on Ko-fi’, ‘#29abe0’, ‘P5P22E0SB’);kofiwidget2.draw();