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Local PRIDE Celebrated Virtually

Our local LGBTQ Pride celebrations were held virtually yesterday (and will continue all this week). There was a car parade that wound through 15 miles of neighborhoods.

I think this was more wonderful than the one-mile circuit they do every year on foot around a downtown park because it was more VISIBLE. Even though it’s a public park, it’s downtown, you do have to travel to see it. That means if people don’t want to see it, they don’t come. In the car parade there was a bigger “we’re here, we’re queer” vibe.

Check out Come OUT with PRIDE‘s other videos and be sure to BE VISIBLE.

I think it’s more important now with threats to several hard-won rights that we point out that LGBTQ exist in every aspect of life. We deserve the right to fulfill our own “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” definitions. Having guaranteed equal protection before the law in where we live, where we work, and who we choose to form families, homes, and relationships with is crucial to that.

I’m angry that two SC jurists decided that opponents of same-sex marriage being called “bigots” is a “material damage” and want to force the court to reconsider the verdict in Obergefell. For those not in the know, Obergefell found that there was material damage to the lack of marital rights (and property rights granted by marriage) when a woman’s wife died. So Obergefell granted that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, have the right to marriage (and all its 1134 assumed rights and protections). Alito and Thomas wrote marriage should “never have been extended” to LGBTQ citizens in the United States.

In short here’s my reply: “Go ahead and be a bigot, but ruling after ruling has already shown that the first amendment doesn’t give you the right to say and gain protection from non-material consequences. Name-calling is a non-material consequence. If people decide you’re a bigot and that they won’t associate with you (or your business), that’s them exercising their first amendment right, too.”

Liberty Kissing Justice - YouTube

I certainly hope the legal response to Thomas and Alito’s letter is “there’s no standing” (in addition to there’s no case to actually consider the issue again).

A paid plaintiffs tactic to “get a case together quickly” is also a travesty of justice (just like paying “supporters” to come to your White House lawn appearance, by the way). But I won’t go there, because this post has become long enough already.

People are trying to make sure ACB isn’t confirmed so the SCourt is not shifted so hard right for several generations, but you can more immediately turn the tide, by making sure that these attacks on individuals’ rights ceases on January 20, 2021. Send the orange one and his ass-kissing cronies packing. Vote!

Happy PRIDE month, everyone!

Diversity Pride






~ Lara

series ideas

Just running off at the keyboard with some ideas for the series. These would all focus on bisexual or lesbian main characters, even if there are males in the supporting cast. If you’re intrigued by one, let me know in the comments:

Port Joe Series

This would be a common setting series. All the couples lives in the same town, crossing paths. Each book would focus on one couple’s development, but the stories would be tied together by the setting.

What I have so far:

Port St Joe is a real town on the “old Gulf coast” of rural Florida. But I’d be fictionalizing it. There’s a history in orange groves and “old money” , and commercial fishing, and a little mining. It’s newest industries are eco-tourism and it’s popular with antiquers. It’s the county seat of Gulf county, and the entire county has a population of about 15,000. That’s enough to get “intimate” wand have things like “everybody knows everybody’s business,” but also to have spread out rural areas where mysterious, or at least hidden, nefarious things can happen for a while before they’re stumbled upon. I’ve got a sheriff’s deputy and her father, a retired New York cop, her military enlisted brothers who drop in and harass her lovingly from time to time, a high school classmate now turned teacher and friend, a marine biologist up from the University of South Florida, a trend y bar owner, and hotel “magnate” (well, magnate might be a strong word, but a businessman who fancies himself more important and powerful than he is), a retired English teacher who is rehabbing a local movie theater, as well as few other citizens with their histories already developed.

Port St Joe could also easily become a series that follows just a primary couple — the Sheriff’s deputy and her girlfriend the marine biologist — where each book has a different happening in town as plot that affects the central relationship in some way and everyone else remains supporting characters.

The Mile High Club

This one wouldn’t be sex on airplanes but stories focused on the various flight crew who work for the same airline, usually crewing the same flights. It might be the pilot’s story once, then the co-pilot, then the various members of the cabin crew. It might have orgies in exotic cities, or about the playgirl who has a new lover in every layover city the airline flies. This would be a “common workplace” series.

What I have so far:

MILE-HIGH CLUB': British woman jailed for propositioning men on ...

Expand it from my series We Three, using Eric’s airline, Diligent Air, which would allow for going backward in time to when Elena also worked for the airline and they did layovers together.

The Fountainbleau Four

A “common club” setting series.

What I have so far:

The Top 25 Most Exclusive Golf And Country Clubs In The World ...

A group of four women come together at The Fountainbleau, a high society club, as close friends sharing things as banal as town gossip, friendly tennis matches (steamy showers together afterward) as well as hot and steamy as sex with each other’s partners and spouses. Story events would include charity galas they organize at the club (as excuses to dress up and party with the politicians and other powerful people), while gathering in more sexual playmates.

The Sorority Sisters

A “common history” series.

What I have so far:

The Most Beautiful Sorority Houses in America

Some college friends, former sorority sisters, have some dating history with bad and good breakups. They continue to keep in touch and celebrate life events (focus on a different one in each book) together.

I’m with the Band

This series would follow the band members and roadies on a multi-city tour.

What I have so far:

Each book would have a different setting: a different city, but follow the adventures of all the members, many of whom have histories with each other. I already have my character list for this, what instruments they play and how they originally got together and started as a band.

The Season

A series of stories each set around a different play put on by a community theater.

What I have so far:

Community Theater Awards honor area talent — WISCONSIN THEATER ...

There’d be some steady characters, but also new people who win roles for various parts. I’m also including the behind the scenes folks, costumes, set builders, directors, box office, community underwriters. Also a visiting headliner could upset the apple cart from time to time.

Other ideas

These are like “themed” series.

Rainbow Road would follow the goings on in a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple houses, also tying the color to an emotion or something frequently symbolized by that color.

History House would be set at the same house, a different couple taking center stage at a different event/period of American history.

So, what do you think? If any of these ideas sound interesting, leave a comment here. Thank you!

~ Lara

series plan

I have reached the part where I’m writing the (sex-packed) middle of We Fit , so I think I’ll hold these scenes for the previews when I’m closer to releasing it.

Reader question: what do non-pilots ask when they learn you fly ...

However, I have decided to use my blog space this month to plan for a series of connected short stories (and maybe build a little excitement for a Patreon project).

I have written standalone novels and duologies (two novel pairs).

I think it’s time to challenge myself. I’d like to write connected novellas (25-30k) or short stories (5-10k). I’ve read a few different types of series over the years, but can’t decide which style is the way to go for myself.

So, please help me decide. Today’s question is:

Keep in mind, I write primarily women-loving women stories, with lesbian or bisexual female-identifying main characters.

~ Lara