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Local PRIDE Celebrated Virtually

Our local LGBTQ Pride celebrations were held virtually yesterday (and will continue all this week). There was a car parade that wound through 15 miles of neighborhoods.

I think this was more wonderful than the one-mile circuit they do every year on foot around a downtown park because it was more VISIBLE. Even though it’s a public park, it’s downtown, you do have to travel to see it. That means if people don’t want to see it, they don’t come. In the car parade there was a bigger “we’re here, we’re queer” vibe.

Check out Come OUT with PRIDE‘s other videos and be sure to BE VISIBLE.

I think it’s more important now with threats to several hard-won rights that we point out that LGBTQ exist in every aspect of life. We deserve the right to fulfill our own “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” definitions. Having guaranteed equal protection before the law in where we live, where we work, and who we choose to form families, homes, and relationships with is crucial to that.

I’m angry that two SC jurists decided that opponents of same-sex marriage being called “bigots” is a “material damage” and want to force the court to reconsider the verdict in Obergefell. For those not in the know, Obergefell found that there was material damage to the lack of marital rights (and property rights granted by marriage) when a woman’s wife died. So Obergefell granted that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, have the right to marriage (and all its 1134 assumed rights and protections). Alito and Thomas wrote marriage should “never have been extended” to LGBTQ citizens in the United States.

In short here’s my reply: “Go ahead and be a bigot, but ruling after ruling has already shown that the first amendment doesn’t give you the right to say and gain protection from non-material consequences. Name-calling is a non-material consequence. If people decide you’re a bigot and that they won’t associate with you (or your business), that’s them exercising their first amendment right, too.”

Liberty Kissing Justice - YouTube

I certainly hope the legal response to Thomas and Alito’s letter is “there’s no standing” (in addition to there’s no case to actually consider the issue again).

A paid plaintiffs tactic to “get a case together quickly” is also a travesty of justice (just like paying “supporters” to come to your White House lawn appearance, by the way). But I won’t go there, because this post has become long enough already.

People are trying to make sure ACB isn’t confirmed so the SCourt is not shifted so hard right for several generations, but you can more immediately turn the tide, by making sure that these attacks on individuals’ rights ceases on January 20, 2021. Send the orange one and his ass-kissing cronies packing. Vote!

Happy PRIDE month, everyone!

Diversity Pride






~ Lara

LGBTQ+ podcasts

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve been going through my own podcasting archives from 2008-2013 (defunct “Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction”). I’ve been thinking what it might mean to revive Reading LAB. But then I realized, I may have been near the beginning of the movement. There’s a lot out there now for the queer audience, whether you’re a reader, writer, want social news of the community, or political activitism.

Readings LAB was just a little writer-interview podcast. There’s several now:

  1. Lesbians Who Write – host Clare Lydon and TB Markinson (weekly) – topics: chatting about the writing process and content of lesbian books.
  2. Lesbian Book Club – host Clare Lydon (monthly) – topic: lesbian author interviews
  3. The Lesbian Review podcast – host Sheena (weekly) – book discussions, information about releases, more lists and reviews
  4. The Lesbian Talk Show(weekly) sapphic-focused social discussions.

And if you’re interested in listening to stories, here’s a podcast that is essentially audiobook distribution:

  1. Lesbian Romance Books stories are all by Sigrid Dufraimont.

While some lesbian podcasts do discuss pan/bisexual women characters, there are also a few that are specifically for discussion of the bisexual experience:

  1. We Want the Airwaves
  2. Smart Bitchy Trashy Books did an episode focused on finding bisexual romance characters

Well, do you think I should go back and rebuild my Readings LAB show archives with descriptions, searchable terms, and author names? Let me know in the comments.

~ Lara

Throwback Thursday: Turn for Home

June 2019 is the 9th anniversary of the release of my 2nd novel Turn for Home. This sequel to Turning Point continues the story of Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland from my first novel, Turning Point.

At the beginning of Turning Point, Brenna and Cassidy were completely at odds with each other at their workplace: the filming set for the television series Time Trails.

As far as anyone is concerned — including themselves — they are straight.

It kind of shocks them to realize they’re falling in love. Getting together took a whole level of soul-searching that particularly Brenna had never done.

At the opening of Turn for Home, the two women have come to grips with their relationship in private — keep it secret.

However, in Hollywood with cameras everywhere, secrets seldom stay secret for very long. and when they are forced into the spotlight, deciding how out to be means balancing the personal and the professional.

This conversation between Brenna and Cassidy is from the end of chapter 1. Enjoy.

I think it’s time to go home, though.” Brenna nodded at Ryan snuggling against her chest. “I think someone’s tired.”

“It’s nap time.” Cassidy took Ryan from Brenna and the women walked back with more speed and purpose in their stride than during the slow amble to the park. In ten minutes they were back inside Cassidy’s home and pulling Ryan’s shoes off as he drooped sleepily on the edge of his bed.

As she and Cassidy retired to the couch and snuggled together, Brenna realized it was almost one-thirty. “All things considered,” she observed aloud, “it’s been a wonderful day.”

“Anytime you want to come over, just come,” Cassidy said.

The breath whispering through her hair sent tingles of pleasure down Brenna’s spine which then lodged warmly in her abdomen. She squirmed in response and lifted her head, knowing she needed to go instead of dallying here. For now.

“I’ve got to get my sons adjusted. I’d like to have you and Ryan over to my place again, especially when the weather warms up and I open the pool.”

“Now that school’s back in session, the sense that your boys have their own things to do may help.”

“I hope so.” Brenna’s breath sighed against Cassidy’s collarbone. “I want everything with you. It’s been a long time since I felt as if I had a friend and a lover in the same person. I want to wake up with you every morning. I can’t do that until Thomas and James understand that their silent treatment, or even outright anger, is not going to change my mind.”

“Thomas’ and James’ opinions matter, Bren. I wouldn’t want them not to.” Cassidy wrapped her arms around her lover, letting their curves fit together.

“I won’t let Thomas or James push us apart.”

“All right. So, what now?”

“What would you say to going in to work together on Monday?”

“Are you serious?”

“Thomas and James can get themselves to school. I’m sure they’d prefer it. I’ll come here, and take you and Ryan in my car.”

“I’ve got Ryan’s car seat.”

“I’ll move it to my car,” Brenna suggested. “It’s not a major display, but it’s a half hour drive back and forth, time that we could be together.”

Cassidy grasped Brenna’s hands earnestly. “Not yet. It’s too soon. Let’s try smaller things first.”

Brenna was reluctant to agree. “Why?”

“Do you really want your sons inundated by the press before they are comfortable? And what about the d├ętente you reached with Kevin?”

Brenna sat up. “It isn’t fair that we have to hide.”

“No, it’s not,” Cassidy agreed. When Brenna got up from the couch, Cassidy followed. “Are you all right?”

“I haven’t even left yet, and I miss you already.” Brenna snuggled into Cassidy’s embrace.

As she wrapped her arms around her lover, Cassidy couldn’t help thinking the same thing. Putting other people’s feelings first, when she’d been used to ignoring her own for so long, was frustrating.

“I’ll be waiting when you get to the set Monday.”

“Maybe I can find more time to get away this week.”

“Take some time with Thomas and James. Maybe they just need a little attention from Mom.”

“Maybe.” Brenna’s lips turned down at the corners. “I offered to make Chicago deep dish tonight, their favorite. I finally got Thomas to promise to be home. James, who knows where he’ll be.”

“It will work out, Bren.”


“I promise.” They shared one last lingering kiss before they reached the front door.

To grab your copy of Turn for Home or my first novel Turning Point, visit my author page at Supposed Crimes.