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BL and CH interviews

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I’m posting this for Throwback Thursday. I was going through my files on my semi-regular “what to write?” browse and came across this set of character interviews I did 12 years ago with the help of some readers when my first novel Turning Point was released.

Character interviewing is a great way to unlock character development if you’re trying to create a new character. It is also a great marketing tool with readers. I haven’t seen any of these accounts lately, but it used to be a thing when social media was new to create Twitter feeds for one or more of your characters and type out dialogues between them about story (or current) events. You could also field questions from readers as the character and get interactive with your audience.

This is just a taste, and it’s even really set after the books. For now, here’s a couple “science fiction convention” interviews with them.

  1. Brenna
  2. Cassidy

I hope you enjoy. Click the link to jump to each interview. , but if you like these, maybe you’ll enjoy the full journey of Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland falling in love. The books are titled Turning Point and Turn for Home.

Throwback Thursday

Continuing with the 30-day challenge from my publisher. Day 4: If you could take a time machine back 10 years, what would you tell your past self?

Rather apropos for a Throwback Thursday question. Warning, this is not a very happy post.

2010 was a complicated year in my life. I was in the deep throes of preparing my second novel for publication. I was working a string of part-time jobs. I also had a thriving online radio show, Reading in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction. Archives are here, unlabeled. (Maybe I should do something about that in this extended stretch of time).

Anyway, I was busy, but I had a weak, unsustainable income stream.

Someone suggested I start substitute teaching — might’ve been my spouse who was the loudest, he’d been a teacher for 18 years at that point. But my parents were also suggesting it could be good (both were lifelong teachers). Anyway, substitute teaching led to a long assignment (6 weeks) and someone suggesting I do it full time. High on endorphins from the current positive spot, I went ahead and went to classes for becoming an educator, took the tests, and got my professional license. By 2012, I was in my first full-time classroom.

However, I would definitely tell my younger self, DO NOT go into teaching. I should have taken the hint when a door slammed in my face early on. After 8 years banging my head against everything, I am slowly coming to the realization that I am not cut out to be in the teaching profession as it is today.

Maybe I would’ve been good in the past, or in a different sort of system. However, I have worked since 2012 to conform to what they want, day in and day out. I have struggled with administrators at every single position on some issue or another. I have been threatened in the classroom by students. I have been bullied. I have been gaslighted. I have been told to do everything differently and in the next school, those practices were “not going to fly here.” The number of days I awoke anxious and fearful of the day ahead far outnumber any brightly sparking moments of joy.

So, no, I would tell myself “NO TEACHING.”

So where would I be now?

I have no idea. In terms of options, as i said I had my hand in podcasting. I was doing voice acting for an LGBTQ theatrical podcast, and helping other authors advertise and market their books (as well as my own). I had a PayPal (still do) which helped me sell books. I went to conferences – recently came across a recording of myself on a panel. I talked about the writing process, and did a lot of editing. I talked with readers and regularly participated in email groups and bulletin boards with lesfic writers.

I was happy and busy and it was a joy every day to get out of bed.

Now though, here I am, in 2020 feeling like I’m asking the world for a decade do-over. It’s scary. What’s next? I have absolutely no idea. As mentioned in a previous post, I am putting a few oars in the water to try steering in another direction, but I still wonder if I can survive the rip-currents of such a rapidly changing world.

I am back with my editing services. Also, in the fall, I’m taking graduate courses in professional writing. This will certify many skills I have already been doing freelance, so maybe I can get through some of the AI job-search “literally must have this” bots and land a full-time position. I’m also hanging out in a few social and writers groups, just listening while I try to find my footing. Again.

If you have any advice about creating diverse income streams, post a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

~ Lara

Throwback Thursday: Turn for Home

June 2019 is the 9th anniversary of the release of my 2nd novel Turn for Home. This sequel to Turning Point continues the story of Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland from my first novel, Turning Point.

At the beginning of Turning Point, Brenna and Cassidy were completely at odds with each other at their workplace: the filming set for the television series Time Trails.

As far as anyone is concerned — including themselves — they are straight.

It kind of shocks them to realize they’re falling in love. Getting together took a whole level of soul-searching that particularly Brenna had never done.

At the opening of Turn for Home, the two women have come to grips with their relationship in private — keep it secret.

However, in Hollywood with cameras everywhere, secrets seldom stay secret for very long. and when they are forced into the spotlight, deciding how out to be means balancing the personal and the professional.

This conversation between Brenna and Cassidy is from the end of chapter 1. Enjoy.

I think it’s time to go home, though.” Brenna nodded at Ryan snuggling against her chest. “I think someone’s tired.”

“It’s nap time.” Cassidy took Ryan from Brenna and the women walked back with more speed and purpose in their stride than during the slow amble to the park. In ten minutes they were back inside Cassidy’s home and pulling Ryan’s shoes off as he drooped sleepily on the edge of his bed.

As she and Cassidy retired to the couch and snuggled together, Brenna realized it was almost one-thirty. “All things considered,” she observed aloud, “it’s been a wonderful day.”

“Anytime you want to come over, just come,” Cassidy said.

The breath whispering through her hair sent tingles of pleasure down Brenna’s spine which then lodged warmly in her abdomen. She squirmed in response and lifted her head, knowing she needed to go instead of dallying here. For now.

“I’ve got to get my sons adjusted. I’d like to have you and Ryan over to my place again, especially when the weather warms up and I open the pool.”

“Now that school’s back in session, the sense that your boys have their own things to do may help.”

“I hope so.” Brenna’s breath sighed against Cassidy’s collarbone. “I want everything with you. It’s been a long time since I felt as if I had a friend and a lover in the same person. I want to wake up with you every morning. I can’t do that until Thomas and James understand that their silent treatment, or even outright anger, is not going to change my mind.”

“Thomas’ and James’ opinions matter, Bren. I wouldn’t want them not to.” Cassidy wrapped her arms around her lover, letting their curves fit together.

“I won’t let Thomas or James push us apart.”

“All right. So, what now?”

“What would you say to going in to work together on Monday?”

“Are you serious?”

“Thomas and James can get themselves to school. I’m sure they’d prefer it. I’ll come here, and take you and Ryan in my car.”

“I’ve got Ryan’s car seat.”

“I’ll move it to my car,” Brenna suggested. “It’s not a major display, but it’s a half hour drive back and forth, time that we could be together.”

Cassidy grasped Brenna’s hands earnestly. “Not yet. It’s too soon. Let’s try smaller things first.”

Brenna was reluctant to agree. “Why?”

“Do you really want your sons inundated by the press before they are comfortable? And what about the d├ętente you reached with Kevin?”

Brenna sat up. “It isn’t fair that we have to hide.”

“No, it’s not,” Cassidy agreed. When Brenna got up from the couch, Cassidy followed. “Are you all right?”

“I haven’t even left yet, and I miss you already.” Brenna snuggled into Cassidy’s embrace.

As she wrapped her arms around her lover, Cassidy couldn’t help thinking the same thing. Putting other people’s feelings first, when she’d been used to ignoring her own for so long, was frustrating.

“I’ll be waiting when you get to the set Monday.”

“Maybe I can find more time to get away this week.”

“Take some time with Thomas and James. Maybe they just need a little attention from Mom.”

“Maybe.” Brenna’s lips turned down at the corners. “I offered to make Chicago deep dish tonight, their favorite. I finally got Thomas to promise to be home. James, who knows where he’ll be.”

“It will work out, Bren.”


“I promise.” They shared one last lingering kiss before they reached the front door.

To grab your copy of Turn for Home or my first novel Turning Point, visit my author page at Supposed Crimes.