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writing update

I have been very busy. It’s mid term for my graduate class and there’s this research paper due Thursday. But I have also been sneaking in a few fiction writing minutes over the last few weeks. Finally finished another scene for We Fit, the sequel to We Three, an erotic romance, emphasis on the romance.

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

Thought I’d share a preview.

Elena and Jess walked out of the bedroom. Collecting her laptop from the living room, Elena returned to the dining table to set out breakfast items and found colorfully wrapped packages and envelopes at her place and where Jess usually sat when they ate together. She frowned, but then, lifting the card, she remembered a conversation with Eric about taking a spring trip. He must’ve been able to swing it, she thought. “Jess, come out here for a sec.”

“What’s up?” Jess appeared at the space between the dining table and kitchen entry. “Presents?”

“Presents,” she confirmed. “You’ve got a card.”

“What for?”

Elena had already opened her envelope with a card. “It says ‘All That Jazz’.” She caught a piece of paper that fell from the card. “Oh. I think–oh!” She quickly pointed to Jess’s package. “Jess, open yours.”

Jess stood behind her chair and reached for the package first. Elena could feel her own excitement building as she anticipated the blonde’s reaction to Eric’s gift. Out of the clown-wrapped paper, Jess removed a green and gray sweatshirt.

“When am I going to be able to wear a sweatshirt in Miami?” Jess asked. She turned it around holding the sweatshirt with a big Shamrock between the words “Not Irish, Just Drunk.”

“The card,” Elena said, finally unable to hide her impatient excitement. “Read his card.”

Jess lifted the flap out of the unsealed envelope and removed the card. “All That Jazz,” she read aloud then flipped open the front cover. Elena held her breath. “A plane ticket?”

Elena held up her own. “To Chicago!”

“What’s in Chicago?”

“Eric started as a commercial pilot out of O’Hare. He likes to go back every so often.”

Jess read the ticket information. “March 16. 18. That’s three days?”

“Over St Patrick’s Day,” Elena explained pointing at Jess’s sweatshirt then her own, now unpacked, the gold letters splashed over a green shamrock read: Too cute to pinch. “Eric and I have gone a few times. Now you’ll get to experience it, too. They dye the river green and everything is just…” She stumbled to explain. “You’ll love it,” she finished.

Jess slowly smiled and lifted her gaze from the ticket, meeting Elena’s.. Her green eyes filled with bright sparkles. “I’ve …wow. They put dye in the river? How? I’ve never…This is….he got me a ticket.” She sank to the chair still holding the ticket and shirt.

Yep, I decided the trio needed to take a vacation. Must be all this stuck inside I’m feeling from the pandemic.

~ Lara

peek at progress

Yesterday I gave myself an agenda for the week. So far I have mown the lawn, completed an assignment for my grad class, and wrote a little on one of my stories. Here’s a sneak peek at the story in progress…

inspiration cover for We Fit
creative inspiration cover for We Fit, sequel to We Three

This is from We Fit, my FFM sequel to We Three. There’s some explicit but brief descriptions of sexual activity as Eric reflects on earlier in the evening.

The primary moment, however, is Eric seeing Jess for the first time they haven’t seen each other in a while.

Eric bussed Elena’s cheek before he replaced his suit jacket from the club room lockers. After a quick look inside the dark recessed space for anything they’d forgotten, he asked, “Got everything?” He looked again at her smiling where she sat on the bench after replacing her heels.

“Yep,” Elena replied. She removed the locker key on its stretchy ring from around her wrist and handed it to him before she picked up her clutch from seat beside her.

He replaced the key in the locker and held out his hand for her to take.

“You leaving?”

Eric turned to see Hector standing at the corner of the bank of lockers. “Yeah, time to get home,” he replied to the club owner.

“Maya and I are taking Giana and Rohan to our suite and continue the fun. You should join us.”

Elena lightly squeezed his hand as she took it; when he saw her face, he saw the unspoken ‘no’ in her eyes. He shook his head at Hector. “Thanks, but we’re all played out… for tonight anyway,” he added, to soften the blow he saw land in Hector’s eyes as a shadow. “We’re going home.”

“My door is always open,” Hector replied. “Elena, it was wonderful to see you again.”

Elena nodded at him. “Good to see you, too, Hector.” She took Eric’s hand and quickly started to leave. So he didn’t look dragged, Eric moved quickly as well.

“Everything okay?” he asked when they were alone walking down the corridor from the playrooms back toward the front of the club.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She smiled. “I’m going to use the restroom.”

“I thought we were going home?”

“I may have a surprise for you,” she replied. “Just wait here a minute.”

Elena disappeared into the small restroom. Eric leaned on the wall outside and looked around. The place felt empty. The bar had been closed a couple hours ago and its lights were dim. He didn’t even hear the clatter of staff cleaning up.

He thought about the times they’d waited here to take Jess home with them. But after Elena had returned from spending Jess’s break with her, she hadn’t said anything, just joined in, riding him after Val had just sucked him hard. She’d been wet and hot, and tight. She had also been smiling so he guessed her reunion with Jess had gone well.


He turned toward the voice at the same time he registered Elena emerging from the restroom behind him. Jess had appeared on the other side of the wall where he was leaning. She wore a simple button up peach blouse and jeans. The tumble of her blonde hair was down from the ponytail or bun she usually wore when working. It brightened the dark corridor as if giving off its own light.

Yeah, I think he’s just a little bit smitten.

~ Lara

Another Monday

“…and Monday morning it is.” – Andrew Shepherd, The American President (1995) film written by Aaron Sorkin.

This past week has been busy in home, work, and family life. I made some adjustments to my online presence to offer a more “got it together” image. I officially registered the domain “larazbooks.com” for this website. I’ll be revising the layout, too, and streamlining access to archived posts.

I also made the subscribe link more prominent. (I’m so excited to see over 1,200 followers here, by the way. My Twitter numbers are close to this, too.)

cover for We Three book; three pairs of feet under bedcovers with a window above
We Three book cover

I’ve been writing steadily on We Fit, now safely over 50k words on its way to about 75k, which makes it comparable to the first in the series, We Three, which totaled over 74k.

Because that project is nearly finished, I’ve been shaping up notes for my next projects. Most will likely be novellas so that I can also have time to work on my graduate school course (just finished week 3). I have put off the full-time job hunt for the moment because of family issues. Being able to jump up and go without answering to an employer is actually keeping the situation from becoming stressful.

I have a new laptop which I can take everywhere so no matter where I’ve got to be I’m still available to work with authors and edit books. I will do a sample edit up to 1,500 words for free. My copy editing rate is $3 per 1000 words. I also have a new editorial consulting service via Zoom. One hour live coaching you in ways to improve your storytelling using a specific piece of your writing.

I work with all levels of writers and all genres of fiction, though I have a preference for romance plots and/or LGBTQ content. I also negotiate payment plans. Contact me today.