As I have pointed out, I am an experienced editor. Knowing their work is better for another set of eyes, many writers seek editors. Frequently they ask for recommendations from other authors. Below are excerpts from emails, letters, and other feedback I’ve received from editing clients regarding my work editing their manuscripts. My Facebook business page has more reviews.

Following your comments on the first chapters, I have changed the opening of my novel, as well as incorporated some of your editorial comments. I have tried to add more description in an attempt to evoke more of an atmosphere

Isabella, author of historical erotica

I appreciate all the work you’ve put in thus far. I’m making a list of questions per chapter in my notebook so that when we get to the live-chat stage, I’ll already know what I want to ask.

C. McBride, science fiction fantasy author

patient, helpful, has a sense of humor and genuinely wants her clients to succeed.

Carolyn, tutors.com writing client

Thank you sooooooo very much for reading my book. I really appreciate it so much! …I had thought about breaking up the first 5 chapters. …as you said, it interferes with a lot else of the book.

Koriana B., poly erotic romance novel author

Your edits are so very helpful. I’ve already accepted and changed the ones that were quick and when I have time go back and make the other changes

Charlotte Black, short story erotica author