We 3 date 1

We Three: One and One and One Makes Three is about a swinger couple and the young woman they become involved with.

excerpt setup: Elena and Eric have invited Jess to their home for a swing date.

“Meeting you on Saturday, I enjoyed myself. You’re really interesting. And Elena…” [Jess’s] voice trailed off as she again thought about the feelings simple near-contact with the dark-haired woman brought. She felt her cheeks heat a little. “I did get hot thinking about you, and Elena… and me, well, doing something.” She cleared her throat. “I sort of figured that’s where this was going.”

“We can go there. And, for the record, I was flirting with you on Saturday. El’s just much more direct than I am.” Eric let out a noise that sounded like indulgent laughter, and that, more than even his words earlier, made Jess relax.

“So, Elena wants us to have sex?”

“Yes. She’s really hot for you.” A note in Eric’s voice suggested he was somewhat in awe of his wife’s attraction to Jess.

“Does she pick up women often?” Jess felt emotion knot her throat. Wow, she thought when unexpected moisture welled in her eyes. “She was… intense. And, on the phone. She is… direct.”

“Too much?” Eric asked.

Because it was clear now that Eric wanted thoughtful, truthful answers, Jess considered seriously how to put her many emotions succinctly. She started with an honest admission. “I’ve had one-night stands. I have had sex with, well, quite a few people. But I’ve never done this before, had more than one night in mind. But, I want to experience new things… I feel… excited.” She breathed out and felt a giddy twitch in her stomach. “So, no, not too much.”

Eric smiled. “She’ll be glad to know that, so be sure to tell her.”

Jess looked down at her hands in her lap and saw her work clothes again. “How explicit are the photos?” she asked.

“Anything you like. Since you say you’ve never done anything like this, I’m interested in what you would want. Boudoir is a very intimate style of photography, so we can start with just making you look good enough to eat.”

“Elena said I could wear this,” Jess said, gesturing to her work suit.

“I know. She told me. She’s got a thing for women who wear suits as well as you do.”

“It’s not even mine,” Jess said, fingering the lapel now. “I got it from Gus, the lead bartender, for my first night. I only have jeans. Maya helped me by sewing a few strategic tucks into it.”

“It’s obviously yours now. Gus certainly couldn’t wear it again,” Eric said. “I agree with El,” he added. At a stoplight, he turned his head and his blue eyes steadied her. “You do look good in it.”

She nodded, accepting the compliment.

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