I’m Lara Zielinsky and I’ve been sharing my writing online since 1998. I write for an adult audience and I’m bisexual so I write from that perspective, with my women characters finding themselves attracted to women.

I’ve been publishing since 2007 and have been recognized several times by different awards like the Lesfic Bard Awards, Golden Crown Literary Society, and the Bisexual Book Awards.

I just opened a weekly writing and editing chat to the “public.” Here is information about how to join me.

Here’s more writing to enjoy…


New short stories (>5k) released monthly, in text & audio.

Published Books

My novels are published by Supposed Crimes, Inc.


I blog about writing, reading, and editing.

Editing Services 15+ years experience
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My (free!) fanfiction is archived at fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org. The Academy of Bards houses my very first online fanfics (Xena: Warrior Princess).